How to stop defaulting to black goes with everything!

We are programmed to believe that black is the universal colour problem resolver. Guess what? Our programming is off.

How to wear neutrals other than black...

The colour black has many positive qualities – it is a slimming choice, it is readily available, it is socially acceptable in almost every form of clothing – but there are negative qualities too.
Black is a depressing colour. It is sullen, can be claustrophobic and also easily mistaken for abrasive attitudes of the wearer.
Whilst black is a neutral colour (hence the versatility we all love), there are other neutrals you can opt for to present yourself in a more luxurious, or casual, way.

1. Creams
Stop defaulting to black goes with everything. Try creamy neutrals

2. Greys
Grey Neutrals - try instead of black goes with everything

3. Navy
Try Navy Neutrals instead of assuming black goes with everything

4. Olives
Olive Neutrals - how to stop defaulting to black goes with everything

Each of these colours, either on their own, mixed with each other or paired with other colours like coral or maroon, will look chic.
Curating a closet with a few pieces in each neutral colour will open up your options each morning to confident clothing choices.
As you find trend pieces you love you’ll be able to buy them and to wear them more than once as you continue to mix and match your trend pieces with your neutrals.

Neutrals are a great way to save money on clothes because these colours never go out of style and they are versatile, meaning you get more wears for less money. Win!

How many pieces of clothing do you own in neutral colours besides black and white?
How often do you wear them?

Article by Jac Lambert. Learn more about fashion, make up, style and being true to you on her Facebook page.

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