Spooky cupcakes

Super simple treats for any Halloween or spooky party are decorated cupcakes, especially ones like these!

My daughter requested zombies and brains as cupcakes to take to school one year. I felt a little out of my depth with zombies, so suggested ghosts instead.

All you need is cupcakes and icing to make either the ghosts or the brains.

Ghost Cupcakes
Mix up some white icing, I used icing sugar and a little bit of milk to get white icing that will set evenly. Spread it on the cupcakes and allow it to set.
Next, mix up either chocolate icing or melt dark chocolate. Place this into a piping bag or a small plastic sandwich bag and make a tiny whole in one corner to squeeze out the icing/chocolate.

Place two dots on for eyes, then write an “O” for the mouth. Leave to set before serving.

Spooky Halloween Cupcakes - ghosts and brains


For Brains:
Mix up pink buttercream icing. Place a thin layer on each cupcake, then place the rest of the mixture into a piping bag to squeeze out brains.

First, do a straight line down the middle.

Next, pipe a cursive zig zag with the icing on one side then repeat on the other. This gives the brains look.

Ghosts and brains cupcakes for Halloween

Both are simple to make, but very effective.

How do you decorate your cupcakes?

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