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Win a pack from Sniffy Scents or 2 backpacks from Mash Accessories!

April is my birthday month so we have loads of giveaways happening on here! Many items are my favourite things or products which can save you money. In total, 33 things will be given away this month. You can enter them all, full terms and conditions are here plus each one has its own entry options.

Sniffy Scents – My favourite vegan skincare range

I am a total convert! Having suffered from dry skin on my body, cracked heels and at times dermatitis, I have been fairly fussy about what I put on my skin. A few weeks ago I was gifted a pack from Sniffy Scents to try and it has been life-changing. My skin has never felt so soft, my heels are incredible and the hand cream is so good.

The pros of Sniffy Scents are many – they are vegan, smell amazing, but best of all they work! Plus, the owner is an awesome woman!

In my pack I tried the Tranquil Bath Soak, Black Fig & Guava Moisturising Hand Wash, Passionfruit and Paw Paw So Shea Body Wash, Green Tea & Lemongrass Cool Tootsies Foot Lotion, Lotus Whipped Shea Butter, Ginger & Lime Velvet Soft Hand Lotion (my favourite!), Fresh Lavender Flawless Cuticle Oil, Cucumber Ginger & Mint Aussie Pink Clay Body Scrub and Soy Melts in Falling Rain and another in Patchouli & Musk.

A few other things I loved about these products were the ways I could use them plus the minimal amount of product needed. Here are a few ideas:

Manicure or pedicure

Rather than spend $90+ on a pedicure or $50 on a manicure, you can do it yourself at home! Using some of the bath soak to soak your hands and feet, the Aussie pink clay body scrub to scrub your hands and feet plus the lotions and cuticle oil to finish. You’ll also need a nail file, nail buffer, foot file and whatever polish you want to use. A mani/pedi pack like this will last ages and you will smell divine.

Smooth skin

As I mentioned, I can have dry skin, to the point where my legs sometimes crack a little. Most products on the shelves don’t help a lot, so I tend to use coconut oil but not everyone loves the smell of it. For a while I used coffee body scrub, but I didn’t like how it made more work for me having to clean my shower and it tended not to make my skin soft.

The combination of the So Shea Body Wash, with Aussie Pink Clay Body Scrub transformed my skin, plus made shaving my legs easier, last longer and no issues with in growns, rash or anything else which can sometimes happen. Finish off with the Whipped Butter and this is literally the best my skin has felt in my entire life!

An added bonus for me is that not only does my skin feel great (which gives me confidence) but I smell great, in a light, fresh day scent. I hardly wear perfume now. The hand cream comes everywhere with me and I get so many compliments. You can read a review from me on Sniffy Scents Instagram account too.

How can you win a set?

One lucky winner will get a gorgeous pack of Sniffy Scents products sent directly to them. Fill in the Gleam Widget below and share it for bonus entries. Full terms and conditions here.

Sniffy Scents Gift Pack

Mash Accessories Vegan Backpack

We have 2 of these backpacks to giveaway worth $70 each. Mash Accessories specialises in vegan-friendly purses, clutches, cross bodies and envelopes are a stylish combination of faux leather and organic cotton so there’s zero harm to animals. They’re an Aussie sister duo who care about animals and fashion!

Since I walk everywhere, a backpack is a must for me. You can check out Mash Accessories here and to enter, fill in the widget below. Make sure you follow and do the extra entry options for more chances to win!
Mash Accessories Giveaway

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