How to set up your house with new furniture on a budget

Have you ever moved into a new home, starting over with nothing, looked around and thought “How can I set up my house with new furniture and virtually no budget?”

A few months ago I moved to a new apartment. I had been living in a furnished apartment so needed to set up the house again. I had a queen mattress, a bunk bed for my daughters and a few smaller items. Previously, I have purchased second hand when I started over in a new house and enjoyed it. This time, I had major health issues (paralysis and pain so intense I would black out), limiting me to anyone or any business that could deliver. Secondhand did not want to deliver and for some items such as sofas and kitchen tables, it was cheaper for me to buy new.

Brand new doesn’t have to mean expensive and often if you are starting your life over it can feel amazing to pick out the items of furniture you want to make your home exactly what you want. You save your money in some areas to spend in other areas, and how you spend your money is your choice!

So how do you buy new without it costing a fortune?

1.) Set a budget
Work out how much you want or can afford to spend and don’t go over it. If you know your limits before you get started, it makes it easier to look within your price range and not get tempted.

2.)  What do you need
It’s easy to get carried away wanting everything, start with the items you need most and what you want those pieces of furniture to do. For example, I wanted/needed the following:
– Queen bed with space underneath, a bedhead and space at the end of the bed as I sleep on my stomach with my feet hanging off the end. I know, weird!
– Sofa bed (bonus if it had storage). I have family stay and my unit is tiny.
– Bedside tables were more a want than a need. I ended up selecting 2 bookshelves as they suited what I wanted more.
– Tv unit to sit the TV on plus display my awards, books and some seashells.
– Bookshelf for my daughter’s room
– Kitchen table and chairs, specifically one that folds down and chairs that stack so the table could sit against one wall and the chairs out of sight unless being used.

(See below for my selected table and sofa)

(This was taken the other day by the camera assistant when we were filming for the news)

See how versatile the table and sofa are? In a tiny apartment, space saving furniture is a must.

3.) Pick what you want!
If you are buying something new, make sure it’s what you want! The colour, size and what it does all needs to suit you and your needs. Don’t worry about what other people say you should do. I loved being able to start with a totally clean slate and pick the few items I wanted. I love walking into my house now, whereas, in the furnished unit, it never felt like home.

4.) Compare prices, inclusive of delivery
Do a comparison online for the items you want, including delivery to make sure you get the best price. I found I was better off purchasing everything in a package from one store to have it delivered than I was purchasing from multiple stores. I knew what I wanted though, so it made it easy.

5.) Decorate
My home is basic. I don’t have a coffee table or little home decor knick knacks. I have a few select cushions (Wonder Woman ones my niece made), overall, my house is bare and it suits me.

Get your items of furniture then decorate your house how you want – cushions, throws, rugs, candles, whatever floats your boat! Make y our house a home and express your personality through it.

How did you set up your house with new furniture on a budget? (By new, I mean brand new).


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