Save money on Gifts with Groupon Goods #Sponsored

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How many gifts do you need to buy throughout the year? Do you have a budget for each and how often do you try to find something that looks more expensive than it actually was so you stay within budget?

Gifts are an area I find it easy to overspend in, I like to buy people their favourite cologne, jewellery they want, cool gadgets and other things they’ve mentioned they want, but didn’t have a budget for. I keep an eye out and usually can get things for a fraction of the cost that go on to get used well.

First, I write a list of everyone and everything I have to buy for – birthday’s, Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, teacher appreciation gifts, friends, family etc. I put notes with ideas of things they might like, then throughout the year I buy when I see something that is suitable or if they mention something they are eyeing off, I’ll make a note.

Groupon Goods is one of the places I check regularly for gifts, not just when I know something is coming up, but also throughout the year I check for specials that could be used as gifts. Cologne for $5 to $20 instead of $80 to $120, kitchen goods for under $20, jewellery for under $20 and so much more. Gifts aren’t the only reason I use Groupon Goods, it is the main one though.

Save money on gifts with Groupon goods #Sponsored

 By planning out your gifts, shopping when items are on sale and keep some gifts on hand for unexpected events (kids birthday party invitations and similar) that you haven’t budgeted for, you’ll never be caught without a gift and you’ll reduce the amount you spend on gifts.

How do you save money on gifts? Have you used Groupon Goods? 

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