How to save money on energy drinks without giving them up #Sponsored

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Are you reliant on energy drinks? Have you ever looked at how much that costs you and how you can still get your fix without it costing a fortune?

Why do people drink energy drinks?
Most people I know got addicted to energy drinks in high school, college or university where they felt under pressure to perform, needed to stay up late to study and be up early to attend school, plus everyone else was doing it. (Remember though, these drinks are NOT recommended for minors!)

If you are up late studying or partying, then exhausted (or hungover) the next morning, a caffeine hit perks you up. Hence, why at a young age so many get addicted to energy drinks and it becomes an expensive habit over time.

How expensive are energy drinks?

I personally know many people who drink energy drinks daily, often buying them from the corner shop, a cafe or similar for premium pricing (average of $5+), just like the cost of a coffee. I know so many people talk about not buying your daily latte or whatever you drink and putting that money into savings, the same goes for any ‘small’ expense, including energy drinks.

“Beware of small expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship!” ~ Benjamin Franklin

If you have one entry drink at an average of $5 a day, that is $1,825 a year!

Two a day would be $3,650 a year!

That’s an overseas holiday or new outfits, shoes, those surfing lessons your always wanted to experiences like sky diving with money left over!

But what if you don’t want to give up your daily energy drink?
You don’t have to! Switch to an option such as Reize where you get it delivered, it comes in a sachet so you can take it travelling, to sports or keep a stash in your drawer at work and it costs less than $1 a day (based on 30 a month), or even less per drink if you drink 2 a day. Get a free sample now. 

Everyone has their vices and for some, an energy drink is what they want and what gets them through the day. Here at The Thrifty Issue, we feel it’s your choice how you spend your money. We love being able to show you cheaper ways to do what you do and with energy drinks, you don’t have to spend $5+ on them anymore!

Check out this infographic for more details on what energy drinks are costing, how much you can save and what you can do with that money.

Infographic credit – The real cost of energy drinks

Changing habits isn’t easy. Sometimes, a simple switch can be all you need to save thousands!

How else can you save money on energy drinks?
Reize is one option which is sugar free and delivered right to your door. However, you can also:
Buy at the supermarket
Buying at the supermarket, especially in packs instead of individual cans is cheaper. Store them in your fridge at home or work and you’ll have one when you want it at a lower price than cafes.
Buy in bulk
As with most things, if you buy in bulk it’s cheaper. Energy drinks often go on sale, so stock up when they do or look for them at food warehouses to see if you can get them cheaper.

Sale sites and cash back options
We shared a list of sites with cash back deals and coupons for shopping online here and 10 ways to get coupons and discounts here. If you are ordering anything from any site, use these options (Cash Rewards, Honey and PricePal) to get the best deal. Shop around and get to know prices so you know when a buy is a good one. Use coupons when you can and you’ll save a lot!

Have you tried Reize? How do you save money on energy drinks?

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