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Review of ReceiptJar: Make Money With Your Receipts

Review of ReceiptJar: Make Money With Your Receipts

How to Make Money With Your Receipts

This is my personal experience using ReceiptJar (join with the code KYLIT3Q2H for 200 bonus points) and my recommendations based on my experience.

It is a sponsored post, as per our requirements, I only write about things I have personally used. Check out my disclosure here.

Being able to make money from your receipts sounds too good to be true, right?

ReceiptJar is an easy to use app where you earn points to cash in for gift cards simply by uploading your receipts.

As someone who is money savvy and enjoys finding new ways to make and save money, I love the idea of getting paid for something as simple as my receipts.

With the cost of living constantly increasing, being able to make a little money with virtually no effort is great.

ReceiptJar makes it easy to earn points for gift cards from your receipts. 

On top of making money, ReceiptJar is also a great way to make you more aware of your spending habits.

If you are uploading receipts for all your spending, you are definitely going to be more conscious of where your money goes.

For me, it takes a few minutes in the evening to upload my receipts.

Since I track my expenses anyway, using ReceiptJar is now part of my regular budgeting process. And I get paid for it. 

How does ReceiptJar Work?

Download the app for free, join with the code KYLIT3Q2H for a bonus 200 points and upload your receipts.

Pay attention to what is required with the receipts and which ones are not accepted to ensure you don’t waste your time. 

The app enables you to easily take a photo of the receipt, or more than one if it is long and upload it.

When I did it, the points were awarded instantly. Once you have enough points, you can cash out.

How Many Points Can You Earn?

The value of your receipt determines how many points you get for each one. Once you get to 120 points for that week, all receipts are worth 5 points.

Receipts uncer $10 are worth 5 points, from $11 to $50 they are worth 10 points, from $51 to $100 they are worth 15 points and over $100 will get you 20 points. 

How much you earn will depend on how much you spend.

Make sure you upload the receipts within a week though or you won’t get any points. 

How can you Earn Bonus Points?

Be sure to use the code KYLIT3Q2H when you join and you’ll get a bonus 200 points when you upload your first receipt.

Shake and win is an easy way to win more points.

Tap on the Shake & Win section in the app then play. The top prize is 25,000 points.

The Prize Draw could win you a share of 100,000 points.

Each receipt you upload gets y ou an entry but you must have 300 points minimum to be in the draw too.

So the more active you are, the higher your chances.

How Much Are Points Worth?

The value of points varies slightly depending on the value of the gift card you cash out.

$5 gift cards are worth 1,000 points whereas $100 gift cards are 19,000 points, saving you 1,000 points.

ReceiptJar isn’t quick money but it is easy.

If you are doing your groceries and splitting it across shops to get the best deals, filling the car up, buying the regular things kids need, you will probably accrue enough points for a $5 gift card in a month. 

It completely depends on the amount you are spending regularly and where.

The more receipts, the more points you get. 

How do I get my Receipts Approved Fast?

As mentioned, when I did mine the points were awarded instantly.

This is because I followed the steps exactly, including the key information.

Take the photo of the receipt in the app as instructed.

Be sure to include the date, time, total spent, retailer name, all items and prices plus the loyalty card or EFTPOS card section proving the receipt is yours.

What About Online Receipts?

Many of us have our receipts emailed or tracked in apps now, making it easier to keep track for tax time and budgeting.

ReceiptJar makes it super easy to cash these in too.

Go to your email and forward the valid receipt to It must come from the email address attached to your ReceiptJar account.

Be aware, PayPal and screenshots are not valid. It must be the actual receipt you are sending from the retailer.

Which Receipts are Invalid?

ReceiptJar accepts over 11,000 different types of receipts so it is easier to tell you what isn’t accepted. The list of invalid receipts is pretty short in comparison.

You will not earn points for any of the following:

Receipts uploaded incorrectly/missing information

EFTPOS receipts

Movie theatre receipts

Flights, holiday & accommodation receipts

Rent payments

Event tickets

Digital subscriptions

Mobile phone recharge

Electricity, gas or phone bills

Train/bus tickets

Taxi or rideshare receipts

Can I Collect and Use Other People’s Receipts?

No. The receipts must be your own otherwise points will not be awarded. Follow the rules.

Is ReceiptJar Worth it?

ReceiptJar is a way to make a little extra cash. It takes time but minimal effort.

Whether it is worth it is up to you, how you spend your time and how frugal you want to be. 

I think it is also a great way to get you to keep your receipts and review your spending which in turn, should help you budget better too. 

Join ReceiptJar with the code KYLIT3Q2H and start making money from your receipts. 

How Long Does it Take to Get Enough?

Most people are going to take about a year or longer to get enough points to cash out $100.

I’ve been using it for a year and only cashed out $100 once and am halfway to my second one.

That is even with all the referral codes and points.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.