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Dealing with periods…

Every woman is different and this post is going to get a bit more personal based on my experience. Talking to many women, they feel the same though! Disclosure, The Thrifty Issue has affiliate links to products and services I personally use. Read the full disclosure here.

Personally, I have PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome). This means, most of my life my periods have not been regular, my hormones are out of whack, I have cysts on my ovaries, periods can be horrendous with nausea, pain, sweating, fainting and of course, bleeding, if they come at all. I use an app to track it all and comparing the past 12 months using Modibodi and a cup to previous years with tampons/birth control and other methods, it’s interesting. Here’s my experience.

What is Modibodi?

Why use Modibodi?

On and off over the years I have alternated between reusables such as Modibodi and disposables. A few things I have noticed, which were backed up by other women are:

1. Shorter periods

For me, when I use natural or reusable options, my periods only last 2 to 4 days. When I use pads or tampons, they last 4 to 7 days. Yes, every period can be different but I find it interesting that through tracking on my app, it is consistently shorter when I avoid disposables.

2. Less pain

The cramping was reduced, as were other common issues with my period when I used reusables or Modibodi. Not all women find this but for me, it has been a bonus.

3. Lighter periods

Along with being shorter, I bled less. So the first day would be heavy but nowhere near as heavy as they were with disposables. The next 2 days were fairly light. Basically, using Modibodi, life could go on a lot more normal than it could with disposables on my period.

4. Sustainable

Modibodi can be used again and again. While one pair does cost more than a pack of pads or tampons, longterm it is cheaper. They last a few years so instead of sending lots of plastic and other rubbish to landfill, help reduce waste while also using something better for your body.

Isn’t it gross?

Guys, it’s your period. While it’s not great, it is your own blood. I see no difference between using pads vs Modibodi other than Modibodi lasts longer, is better for the environment and everyone I know who uses it has better periods.

Wear them like underwear, change as needed and throw them in the wash. Most women do not bleed so profusely it is going to be an issue. And it is best to buy them in packs so you can change as needed, just like regular feminine hygiene products.

How much does it cost?

The big question for anything we buy – how much is it? One pair of Modibodi starts at $25 or you can get bundles starting at $100. The price varies based on style, how many you buy etc.

There are different styles, colours and cuts. Personally, I stick to black.

Is Modibodi ok for girls?

I have two daughters who haven’t hit this stage yet but it is a consideration. They have a period pack which includes pads and tampons from a few brands as well as Modibodi. Modibodi has a great teen range which would also be suitable for some women I know who are more petite and lighter.

My daughters like knowing they have the option to use whatever they prefer when the time comes and that they can switch at any time as well.

Periods can be complicated and daunting, so using Modibodi can be a great option.

Final thoughts

I love Modibodi and highly recommend them. They’ve made my life easier, we are also an environmentally conscious household so we prefer sustainable options. That time of the month is quicker and the pain reduced so I’ll continue to use them, along with a diva cup as needed.

What do you think of reusable/sustainable options.

No pics of me in my underwear 😉 My family read this and would not be impressed.

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