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Review of HelloFresh Plus up to $200 off

Review of HelloFresh Plus up to $200 off

Is HelloFresh Worth it? How Fresh is it? Full Review of HelloFresh

HelloFresh is a meal delivery service which I have used on and off for years. I tried it again recently to ensure this is an accurate review.

Having lived in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Noosa and Wollongong, I’ve experienced it in numerous cities too.

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What Comes in a HelloFresh Box?

A selection of delicious recipes, almost all the ingredients you need for them, the recipe cards and often a few bonus discounts or samples for other companies.

HelloFresh packs the ingredients of each meal in its own bag with a sticker.

That sticker matches a recipe card in the box making it easy to pull out what you need for dinner that night.

All the cold items such as meats and sauces are in a cooler bag with ice packs to ensure freshness.

How Much is in a HelloFresh box?

With a selection of sizes, how much is in your box will vary. We like getting the boxes with more meals so we don’t have to think about dinner. There are usually leftovers too.

The box we get with 6 meals for 4 people works out to be $7.71 per serving but you can get your first box for free now.

How Fresh is HelloFresh?

As I said, I have used them for years. In my most recent experience, the quality did not match previous boxes.

Capsicum was soft and going mouldy, as were the herbs. The sauces were swollen and clearly off, the carrots extremely small when they were supposed to be full size.

Overall, it was the worst quality box we have had in a long time.

Previously, everything was fresher than the other meal plan options and HelloFresh had a better variety.

All the vegetables lasted a week if not longer but that was not the case this time.

Check the recipe cards as they will tell you which recipe needs to be eaten early so you can plan accordingly.

Chicken and mixed salad options are usually eaten early.

Sadly, this time for us, most items were either already off or did not last the time they should have, despite being stored correctly.

Comparing the freshness to the supermarket, in my experience, HelloFresh isn’t as good now. It was better quality before.


HelloFresh has a nice variety of meals which change regularly.

They cater well to allergies, you can see which ones have allergens and can make substitutions in some recipes too.


HelloFresh has a lot of packaging. Every little sauce, a cup of rice etc is in an individual packet. Be sure to sort everything and recycle accordingly as most are recyclable, including the cooler bag.


HelloFresh has the best variety in our view. Vegetarian and various meats including salmon and prawns available every week.

You can also swap some meats or upgrade when a recipe states it is an option.

Plus you get options from all over the world. Recipes inspired by Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand, America, the Caribbean and more.

Here are the meals we selected one week:

Get Your First Box Free

If you want to try HelloFresh, I highly recommend doing it with the first box free offer so you get the best value. It really is my family’s favourite option and great value, especially with the discount.

Have you tried HelloFresh? What are your thoughts?

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