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Review of EveryPlate – Australia’s Newest Meal Delivery Option Plus Upto $115 off!

Review of EveryPlate – Australia’s Newest Meal Delivery Option Plus Upto $115 off!

Is EveryPlate Worth it? How Fresh is it? Full Review of EveryPlate

EveryPlate is a meal delivery service for Aussies that is aimed at being cheaper while still having options and providing value. I tried 5 boxes to see how it would go and have been comparing the other meal delivery services again. This review is completely my own experience.

This post may contain affiliate links. Read the full disclosure here. I also received the boxes for free through a code from their marketing department. You can get up to $115 off your first 4 boxes when you use the code THRIFTYMPLATE115

What Comes in an EveryPlate Box?

Virtually everything you need! All that is needed from your pantry are things such as oil, eggs, vinegar etc. Everything else such as vegetables, meat, pasta, rice, condiments, seasonings are in the box.

How Much is in an EveryPlate box?

With a selection of sizes, how much is in your box will vary. This is the box with 6 meals for 4 people. We’ve found the sizing to be fairly accurate and meals easy to make.

Image of contents of box from EveryPlate includes vegetables, meat, recipe cards, sauces etc.

And our meals for the week include

Image of meal options with EveryPlate.

How Much Does EveryPlate Cost?

Again, this will depend on the size of your box. If you use this link you get up to $115 off your first 4 boxes with the code THRIFTYMPLATE115

How Fresh is EveryPlate?

My experience was mixed and definitely better the past few weeks than it was when it first came out. Out of all the meal delivery options I have used recently, EveryPlate lasted the longest which was great as we have been out for dinner at friends more frequently than normal lately. So the food was still good for us later.

Check the recipe cards as they will tell you which recipe needs to be eaten early so you can plan accordingly. Chicken and mixed salad options are usually eaten early.

Comparing the freshness to the supermarket, in my experience, EveryPlate is better.


They don’t cater to allergies much but they do make it clear which meals are suitable and all ingredients are labelled so you can know. We have a few allergies so switch ingredients from our own pantry as needed and give away what we couldn’t eat.


I love that EveryPlate has less packaging because the food isn’t split into individual meal kits. However, there is still a lot of plastic with every herb and sauce individually wrapped.


EveryPlate has quite a variety now including vegetarian, gluten-free and a mix of meat options so you won’t end up with mince every night. We select a variety each week with 2 vegetarian, 2 chicken and 2 beef.

Plus you get options from all over the world. Recipes inspired by Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand, America, the Caribbean and more.

That said, for us, we got bored quickly. The meals were based on carrots, LOADS of carrots mostly. And while the recipe variety is good, the ingredients all felt the same. We started changing it up a lot instead of what they sent.

Get Up To $115 Off Your First Four Boxes

If you want to try EveryPlate, I highly recommend doing it with the code THRIFTYMPLATE115 so you get the best value. Pause the following week so you can try your first box then if you like it, continue your subscription.

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