Renovation tips on a tight budget

Planning a home renovation is exciting, especially if you’ve been saving towards it for some time. However, the biggest concern for most people taking on such a task is exactly how much it’s going to end up costing them. If you’re someone who only has a limited budget to work with, try adapting some of the below tips to save you some much-needed renovation cash.

Invest Wisely

An easy trap to get caught in when renovating is allocating too much money to some components and not enough to others. For example, using cheaper paint is better for the budget initially, but will end up costing more in the long-term in regards to touching up chips and marks. The tools you select also fall into this category, as using the correct saw, for example, could mean the difference between clean-cut lines and a rough, unfinished look. Make sure to invest in the right tools from a quality manufacturer so you can avoid these kinds of pitfalls.

Quote and Compare

Incorporating a set budget is a must-have for renovation work so you know where every dollar is going. The best way to make sure you are using this budgeted money accordingly is to get quotes. But what do you need quotes on and how do you divide your budget? A great tip is to breakdown each renovation component and go through in detail what it requires to be functional and aesthetically pleasing – for example, heating, furniture, flooring, fittings and accessories. From here you can compare all items for cost and quality.

Be Creative

If you’re working to a tight budget when renovating it’s easy to get deterred when you realise how much might be out of your budget. This should actually be seen as an opportunity to get creative! The trick is to think small, as it’s often the smallest elements that have the most impact. Resurfacing benchtops or retiling splashbacks is an easy trick to save money in kitchens and bathrooms, as is repainting or recarpeting if you can’t afford any major structural changes. Updating your home’s exterior to create stronger street appeal is another sneaky low-budget reno tip. All it takes is a few new plants, fixing the driveway and repainting all surfaces.

Restore and Reuse

Just because you’re renovating doesn’t mean every product and material you use has to be brand new. If you’re pulling apart old sections of your house to make room for the renovation, take special care not to destroy materials, as there are often products you can reincorporate into the new design, such as timber, door handles, or windows. Tips, garage sales and second-hand stores are other places to find old products and materials to breathe new life into.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a bedroom extension, a new deck or a complete home redesign – renovations are big projects that can take a toll on your wallet very quickly. Following tips such as the ones above are easy ideas for anyone to incorporate into their own budget so they can still get the renovation of their dreams.

What have you found to be the biggest renovation expenses?

This post was written and supplied by Victoria on behalf of AEG Powertools. Having been through nightmare renovations myself, I thought these were great tips. What do you think?

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