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It’s school fair time again here and my sons class has been given the ‘Recipe in a jar’ stall. I’m helping organise it and it seems that while everyone loves the idea of getting one a lot of people aren’t sure how to go about making one. There are recipes all over the net for them but to me they seemed very much the same so I have been adapting some of the favourites from our house.

A recipe in a jar is all the dry ingredients with a note attached to add wet ingredients and what to do. They can be as complex or simple as you like.

To make your own you need:
A jar
A recipe
The dry ingredients
Recipe card/sticker

This one is a chocolate coconut slice so we needed crushed biscuits, cocoa and coconut.

Start by layering the finest/smallest ingredients at the bottom. Look at the colours of your ingredients and decide which order you think looks nicest. As you add the layers make sure to squash them down as much as possible. I use the end of my rolling pin but depending on the size of your opening you could use something bigger.

How to make a recipe in a jar

Place your lid on and cover it with fabric and ribbon to make it look a bit nicer. Add the recipe either by tying it to the lid or printing it and gluing it to the jar. For this recipe we said add 250ml of sweetened condensed milk, press into a slice tray and top with melted chocolate, allow chocolate to set and enjoy!

Some easy recipes include biscuit or cookie mixture such as chocolate chip, oat and raisin or coconut; body scrubs using sugar mixed with dried flowers or coffee granules; brownies; fudge; chocolate cake or pancakes.

What recipe would you adapt to give in a jar?

Tutorial by Rachael Puric

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