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QuiteLike Review + up to $200 off!

QuiteLike Review + up to $200 off!

How to get up to $200 off QuiteLike

At the end of 2023, after using various meal kits for a few years, my kids and I had become bored with the options. 

Many of them felt repetitive, we wanted something with more variety. 

After doing a little research, I came across the Australian-owned company QuiteLike.

The menu was appealing to all of us, so I immediately paid for it and we’ve been using them ever since. 

QuiteLike was a hit with my family, especially my teens who can be fussy. As such, we are continuing to use them this year and I reached out to them to collaborate and get you a discount so you can try them too. 

Use code THRIFTY200 to get up to $200 off split across your first 5 boxes!

Here is my full review plus the opinions from my teenagers about QuiteLike. 

What I Love About QuiteLike

Firstly, it is Australian owned and inspiration for the recipes comes from all the amazing cultures we have here.

When you look at the recipes to choose from, you’ll find Asian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and more plus meat and vegetarian options. 

It’s a delicious menu of 30 meals to choose from weekly. My kids and I found it hard to stick to 4 as there was such a wonderful variety. 

With some of the other meal kit options out there, we felt the meals were all based on carrots, rice or potatoes which we quickly got sick of.

You’ll see with QuiteLike, that that is not the case at all. The chances of you picking 4 meals based on the same thing are slim. 

Customer service is also extremely responsive, the quality is the highest of all the meal kits I’ve tried and the recipes are easy.

Is QuiteLike Worth It?

This is the first question I get about all the meal kits, is it worth it?

Generally, people use meal kits to make life easier. The meal plan is done for you, ingredients and recipes shipped to you so all you have to do is cook. 

They aren’t about being super frugal but can save money with discount offers e.g. up to $200 off with the code THRIFTY200.

When you consider the time you would spend planning meals, researching recipes, writing the shopping list etc. They can save significant time too.

While those things still need to be done to an extent, by having a meal kit delivered, I don’t spend as much time on it and I can make more money in the time I save and I don’t need to think about our dinners. 

This means for our home, meal kits are worth it and with QuiteLike the quality and variety are superior to other meal kit options in my opinion. 

So while the price might be ever so slightly more, it is better value in terms of quality and variety.

What Comes in a QuiteLike Box?

All the main ingredients are packed in the box for you, with only minimal things such as oil or eggs occasionally needed to complete a recipe. 

Recipe cards are there so you can follow the recipes easily or add extra things if you want from your own pantry.

My teens tend to follow recipes the first time then later add their own flair. 

All your produce is carefully packed, there is a cooler bag with icepacks for the meat and other items such as sauces and cheese that need to be kept cold too. 

How Fresh are the Ingredients?

Each box I have had has been impeccable. I ordered a few towards the end of last year, then reached out to get you a discount and have ordered more for this year. 

The ingredients were the freshest and the meat was significantly better quality. 

The cuts of meat were leaner, firmer and contained less liquid when we cooked them. 

While all meat will produce some liquid when cooking, cheaper places add water to increase the weight. 

The lack of quality elsewhere is what prompted me to search for other options at the end of last year and is how I found QuiteLike.

At this stage, the freshness, quality and variety are so good, we are not considering going back to any other meal kit. 

How Much Does QuiteLike Cost? 

The cost depends on the plan you choose, ours is 4 meals for 4 people at a cost of $159 + $9.99 shipping. 

Plans can be for 2, 3 or 4 recipes per week for 2 or 4 people. Since I have 4 kids (2 teens and 2 toddlers) the 4 meals for 4 people work well for us.

This works out to be about $10 per person per meal but if you use the discount, it brings the price down further.

Our Menu for Two Weeks

We have some clear preferences in our tastes which is shown in the meals we chose below. 

When selecting your meals there are all sorts of meat or vegetarian options from all over the world, 

Week One we are leaning towards more Italian and Asian-inspired meals. We always try to have seafood at least once a week, usually fish we’ve caught ourselves but the salmon from QuiteLike was just as good. 

Week One:

Italian Style Lemon Chicken Schnitzel with Caper Sauce and Salad
Quick Satay Chicken Noodle Bowl
Italian Steak Salad with Tomato, Rocket and Parmesan
Fast Sweet Chilli Salmon Rice Bowls

Week Two:

Sweet Chilli and Chicken Cashew Stirfry
Chipotle Salmon with Avocado and Coriander Salsa
Lamb, Feta and Za’atar Pie (16 Year old particularly keen to do this one)
Baked Satay Chicken with Lemongrass Rice

Dietary Requirements

One issue for some people is dietary requirements and QuiteLike does a good job of managing this. 

My 15 year old and I are coeliac (we can’t have gluten) which can make it harder to get meals at times. 

QuiteLike clearly lists allergens on all ingredients and the recipes so you know when you are choosing what you can and can’t have.

In our home, we often swap out breadcrumbs for gluten free breadcrumbs, soy sauce for our own gluten free soy sauce etc if there are recipes my kids want to try that aren’t 100% gluten free. 

Since most of the recipe you are making is done with fresh ingredients, it’s easy to adjust as needed. 

The vegetarian options with QuiteLike were more varied than others and included gluten free, dairy free, nut free choices too. 

However, you will need to click on each recipe on the site individually to see if the allergens it contains. That’s one of the only things I didn’t like about QuiteLike, I couldn’t see at a glance on the site which meals were allergy friendly/gluten free/dairy free etc. 


With deliveries of any kind comes packaging and meal kits cna have a lot of packaging when you look at everything that comes with it. 

QuiteLike has a good balance between providing all that is required in the correct portions, while also minimising the packaging as much as possible. 

When meal kits first came out, there was a lot of plastic and small packaging. That’s not the case anymore and most packaging is now made from recycled items or is biodegradable and/or recyclable after use.

Be conscious of how you dispose of any packaging and make sure you do it correctly. 

Overall Opinion

I think it’s pretty clear we have thoroughly enjoyed QuiteLike and will continue to use it for some time. 

We’ve been using meal kits on and off for almost a decade and have tried many but my teens and I feel QuiteLike is one of the nicest options available now. 

QuiteLike is not the only meal kit we tried at the end of last year. I tried some of the large companies again and some smaller companies but QuiteLike is the only one I contacted to discuss getting you a discount. 

The quality is above average, extremely fresh and delicious. With 30 recipes to choose from, inspired by numerous cultures, I feel there is something new to try every week. 

Having a variety of recipes and ingredients means my kids are learning more about food and cooking, which is essential since they are almost adults. 

Supporting Australian businesses is a focus for my family as well, so we like that QuiteLike is based here and inspired by the diversity here. 

My only issue is the website and not seeing at a glance if the recipes contain gluten etc. 

But since I get my kids to select the meals and cook them, it’s not something I have to worry about. 

If you want to try QuiteLike, get up to $200 off with the code THRIFTY200.

Disclosure: I reached out to QuiteLike for a collaboration after paying for a few boxes myself and liking the service. After that, I received one free box and continued to pay myself for future deliveries. A fee was paid for this specific post, the review is my own and my full disclosure policy can be found here

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