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How to Survive Job Loss

What to do When you Lose Your Job Losing your job is devastating. Given how many Australians are living pay to pay or how much debt we are in, losing your income could result in homelessness fairly quickly. So what do you do? Do you Have Time to Prepare? If you know your company is […]

Centrelink and other help from Kylie Travers

A change of plans! If you’ve landed here it means you were looking for content no longer available on the Kylie Travers website. Don’t worry though, there are loads of ways to make and save money, tips around domestic violence, homelessness and more here on The Thrifty Issue. Kylie Travers is the owner of The […]

Make Money

101 ways to make money from home

It is possible to make money from home without joining party plans or selling your soul! Everything I have listed here has been done either by myself or by someone I know. Full disclosure, there are some affiliate links in this post for services I have used for a long time and know they work. This […]