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FIRE Plans – How we are Becoming Financially Independent and Retiring Early

How can you be Financially Independent and Retire Early? When people are talking about FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early), it’s common to find people who are aggressively frugal, work long hours and sacrifice everything. That is not me. Realistically, my life, in general, is what most people aim for when it comes to early retirement […]

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21 Ways to Save Money in 2021

How can you Save More Money in 2021? Here are 21 ways you can save money, not just by cutting expenses but tips to actually have more in your savings account. Be sure to join us on Instagram where I’ll be sharing all the little ways I save money in 2021! This post may contain […]

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What to do with Christmas Leftovers

9 Ideas for Christmas Leftovers Each year we go out and buy a bunch of food for Christmas, usually too much because we want to treat ourselves. But what do you do with the leftovers? This will depend on what food you have but here are some suggestions for the most common things.  Disclosure, this […]