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Where to Stay and What to do in Canberra

We lived in Canberra on and off for years. In fact, my youngest was born there and I was involved in a tourism campaign a few years ago. Recently, my little sister got married so we went there for a week and had a blast. I’ve written about free and cheap things to do in Canberra before.

One question I get a fair bit is where to stay? I have stayed in 6 hotels in Canberra now, including a few high-end ones which ended up being disappointing. This trip I was gifted a few nights at Pacific Suites Canberra. My kids and I LOVED it. It was by far the best hotel for our needs and talking to other guests, they have quite a few repeat customers which is a good sign!

Master bedroom in a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom suite

Why Pacific Suites Canberra

Aside from the fact I was provided the accommodation, Pacific Suites Canberra is affordable, central without feeling busy and had options. The light rails is directly out the front, parking underneath is free, bikes are available for hire and Canberra is super easy to get around.


Our preference when travelling is definitely suites because they are larger, have kitchen facilities and feel like a home. We’ve done apartment living for a few years in Melbourne, so this suits us. Pacific Suites Canberra has a variety of rates depending on which suite you select (1 or 2 bedroom, 1 or 2 bathroom etc). However, they also have free parking, free wifi, great amenities and the kitchens are great sizes. When you can cook from your hotel, you can save a lot on food.


We travel a lot and while a hotel might say they are good for kids, not all of them are. Pacific Suites Canberra was easy to get around but they also had extras such as bike hire at the front of the hotel, a big games/recreation area including a kitchen on the ground floor, friendly staff and the light rail out the front of the hotel. All of this made for an easy stay with my kids.

Loungeroom in Pacific Suites Canberra


How often have you stayed somewhere and the bed is too soft or too hard? Or it looks like they haven’t updated anything in ages or everything looks breakable? For us, this suite was perfect. Everything was comfortable, recently updated, warm and we could relax as a family. At Pacific Suites Canberra it was beautiful without feeling over the top.

Close to everything

We needed to go to the Arboretum for my sister’s wedding then Black Mountain Peninsular. Our family are spread out across Canberra so we were northside sometimes, southside other times. Braddon, the suburb Pacific Suites Canberra is located in has amazing cafes, restaurants and a great vibe. You can easily bike or walk a variety of places, Canberra Centre is only minutes away and most of Canberra’s main attractions are straight up or down the road the hotel is on.

Mele holding a snake at the National Zoo & Aquarium

What is there to do?

So often people think Canberra is boring but there is a lot to do. From festivals such as Enlighten and Floriade through to the regular attractions. Many visitors only think about Parliament House and The War Memorial. However, there is a reptile park, dinosaur museum, walk-in bird aviary, Questacon and so much more. We go to Canberra a few times a year and each time there is always something new to do.

What do you love about Canberra?

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