Oz Comic-Con Giveaway – Family pass to your city!

I went to Oz Comic-Con in Melbourne last year with my sister and loved it. My sister is a make-up artist so did my face, she also made my costume (how good is she?). Unfortunately, as I am not small in the chest area, the pictures are not appropriate for this site! I did get asked to have my photo taken a lot! I am awkward in pictures though so they probably didn’t work out that great. But it was so much fun to dress up as a character, play the part, meet other people who are into it, see the exhibits and my sister met an actor she has wanted to meet for ages, who was super nice.

My sister goes every year and was ecstatic when I asked her if she wanted to come this year. I was offered a family pass for myself and a family pass to give away! So my kids, my sister and I will be at Oz Comic-Con in Melbourne, but the ticket I have to give away is for any city in Australia Oz Comic-Con is at, except Perth because that is on THIS weekend and looks incredible!

For all the details for each city head to http://www.ozcomiccon.com/. For dates, check below:
Perth – March 25th and 26th
Adelaide – April 1st and 2nd
Melbourne – July 1st and 2nd
Brisbane – September 23rd and 24th
Sydney – September 30 and October 1st

Oz Comic-Con has something for everyone with special guests, presentations, signings, family activities, cosplay and more.

Check out some of the costumes of others below.

To win 1 x weekend family pass to the city of your choice worth $150, simply answer the question:
“Who would you dress up as and why?” in 100 words or less, fill out the widget below and the winner will be announced at the end of the month. Full terms and conditions are in the Rafflecopter widget.

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  1. I’d love to dress up as the queen of hearts cause I’d love to act a nice queen instead of off with your head.

  2. I’m a Whovian so without doubt I’d go as an Adipose. They’re so damn cute and it would be a cool costume to make.

  3. I would dress up as a Jedi Teacher because I love Star Wars (I waited 7 hours to see the original on the day it opened back in the ’70s) and I have been a secondary school teacher for 30+ years. I think I have gained a bit of teacher wisdom in that time, just like the Jedi have over the centuries.

  4. I would go as Superman, in my new costume, my 10yr old daughter will go as Flash, my nearly 2 year old son will go as a dinosaur, and my wife will wear a Wonder Woman tshirt and call it cosplay, because that’s what comic Mums do 🙂

  5. I’d go as superman in my new costume, my 10 year old daughter will go as Flash, my 2 year old will be a dinosaur, and my wife will wear a Wonder Woman tshirt and call it cosplay, because that’s what comic Mums do…

  6. I’d dress as Missy from Dr Who because next to River Song she is my fav character and ive already dressed as River a number of times. Plus making Missy’s outfit was a challenge for my sewing skills

  7. i would dress as daenerys targaryen since her onscreen husband jason momoa will be here in adelaide and id love to meet that hunk of a man as his wife haha

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