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Naked Wines Review: Affordable Australian and New Zealand Wines + $100 off

Naked Wines Review: Affordable Australian and New Zealand Wines + $100 off

How to get Incredible Wines at Low Prices While Supporting Australian and New Zealand Winemakers

Naked Wines have been around for a while but I only tried them recently. They have a wonderful selection of Australian and New Zealand wines at lower prices, while still being fair to the winemakers.

Here are my thoughts on Naked Wines and the whole experience.

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Get $100 Off Your First Order

This is probably what attracts most people first – the huge discount. With winemakers in my family, I know how much it costs to produce a bottle, how much wholesalers and retailers take and the mark-up you pay as a result. It surprises many.

With Naked Wines, you are buying what you want directly, cutting out a lot of middlemen adding their cut. Check out the $100 discount we have for you at Naked Wines.

Support Local

After major issues for many winemakers last year with exports, it is more important than ever to support local. We have some of the best wines in the world (trust me, I travelled a lot and my favourites are all Australian wines).

Australia doesn’t have a huge population but our diverse landscapes make for some interesting and unique wines. We have the perfect soil, weather and conditions in numerous parts of the country to produce a delicious selection for every occasion.

Usually, supporting local might cost a little more but not when it comes to our wines. As mentioned, Naked Wines makes it cheaper.

A few years ago I did have a look at Naked Wines but then was travelling so unable to get deliveries. However, I noticed quite a few of the brands I looked at then are still with Naked Wines which says to me, they are happy with the process and it works for their business.

Wide Variety

Whether you drink red, white, rose, sparkling, dessert wines or a mix, Naked Wines has it all. You can select cases or single bottles. The bigger discounts come with the more you buy of course.

It doesn’t matter what type of wine or where you want to choose a wine from, they have a choice for you. The Barossa Valley, Hunter Valley, Central Victoria, Margaret River and Cowra to name a few.

Since each region has a unique environment, each wine will be different.

Fast Postage

Given the postage issues around the country, I did not expect my wine to arrive quickly. Much to my amazement, it arrived perfectly packaged within a couple of days.

Always Have a Gift on Hand

Many of my friends love to have alcohol with their meals or even if you are popping in for a visit. I don’t typically have any on hand but when invited to dinner, I feel the need to bring something and wine is usually suggested.

Growing up in a religious home, I had no idea about wine! I have since learnt and personally, having a mixed box from Naked Wines means I have a wine to suit anyone for any occasion now.

No more am I that clueless persona wandering the isles wondering what to get.

Become an Angel

Being an Angel gets you even bigger discounts and helps Aussie winemakers even more because it is consistent for them. As an Angel, you’ll get the best deals on the site, access to exclusive wines, a free bottle each month when you buy 12, and heaps more perks.

The $40 per month isn’t a fee, it is stored in your Naked Wines ‘piggy bank’ to spend on whatever you want on the site.

Check out Naked Wines today and get $100 here.

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