Money saving tips from Aussie bloggers

The 21 Day Money Challenge has wrapped up. I shared lots of tips including ways to make more money, a list of Aussie birthday freebies, a list of other freebies, how to create and stick to a budget and many more. To extend the tips, I asked some Aussie parenting bloggers if they have any money saving tips or blog posts. Here are some of my favourites.

21 Money Saving Tips That Save Me Thousands by Love from Mim. How many of these do you do?

Living Well Off $30,000 A Year by Baby Hints and Tips. 10 great tips to help anyone live better on less.

How To Manage Chores, Allowance, Money, And Kids Without Going Crazy! By Picklebums shares some great advice to help everyone.

Pocket Money – Spending, Saving And Giving by Gift Grapevine gives some tips to about pocket money.

How Do I Afford To Travel So Much by Adventure Baby shows how travel on a budget is possible.

12 Hidden Rewards Of Living A Frugal Lifestyle by Vintage At Heart outlines the benefits of a frugal lifestyle.

13 Realistic Money Saving and Organisational Tips by Supermum And Her Monsters gives some real advice anyone can apply to their life.

What tips do you have to help others save money?

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