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Mindset and Method: the Best Processes for Doing Up Your Home on a Budget

Mindset and Method: the Best Processes for Doing Up Your Home on a Budget

Doing up your home on a budget is one of those things that is equally general and personal.

There is a lot of different advice, but we’re all individuals, and we want to get our home as perfect as humanly possible.

This is why doing up your home on a budget can be tough but can comprise both uber-cheap efforts and ongoing practices that are friendly on your wallet in the long run.

We’re going to try and get a good balance of ideas here, so let’s dive in.

How To Do Up Your Home on a Budget

1. Putting Rooms Together Yourself

While there’s an abundance of DIY kitchens available, the real question you’ve got to ask yourself is if you have the skill level to do it properly.

When it comes to any type of renovation, we’ve got to not just think about the costs, but also the timescale. 

Something like a kitchen is potentially doable in the space of a weekend if there are no other external duties or obligations but it’s about making sure you have all hands on deck.

We also need to remember that before we go into this, we have a very clear picture of how the kitchen is going to look and the other variables involved.

For example, if you’ve got a washing machine in the kitchen and you end up having to move everything around, how is this going to impact the ability to get it done on time? 

Putting a kitchen together yourself sounds like an excellent idea in theory, but with any type of DIY task, you’ve got to know what you’re doing before you start.

While there are certainly some tasks that require very little in the way of preparation and you can learn as you go, those big renovations demand that you have a very strict understanding not just of how to do it, but also the potential impacts of a slight mistake here and there. 

Nobody wants to be without a kitchen, and if you have a small kitchen that you can renovate yourself or make changes to the layout, a good rule of thumb in terms of time is to make sure that you tack on an extra third.

Therefore, if you think it’s going to take a weekend, it’s worth adding a day for good measure.

How To Do Up Your Home on a Budget

2. The Aesthetic Changes

If you are looking to update your home on a budget, you’ve got to find the right processes that are realistic.

There are so many different ways around this:

Updating cabinets by repainting or refacing them can give your kitchen a whole new look.

We have to remember that a lot of aesthetic changes are not necessary when we tackle the components that make the biggest visual impact in a room.

This is why repainting the walls is a very cost-effective way to give your home a fresh look and feel because it instantly changes how you view the space, and this can be all you need. 

Ensuring that you make those aesthetic changes can instantly work wonders.

Updating the window treatments is another way to make a significant visual impact in your home, and upgrading the lighting or making swaps such as old light bulbs for LED lights and updating fixtures can change your whole perspective on the situation. 

Also, think about the small accessories that can make a big impact on the curb appeal of your home.

New door knockers, house numbers, or outdoor lighting are great ways to implement a fresh new feel.

How To Do Up Your Home on a Budget

3. Ensuring You Have the Right Approaches to Saving Money

We can look at the aesthetics, and we can tackle certain DIY tasks, but we also need to ensure that we can claw back some of the expenses.

Renovations are, of course, costly, and this is why we need to figure out how best to save money so that we benefit in the long run.

Creating a budget will help you to prioritise spending.

Sometimes we can think that because there’s an abundance of options we have to go for the one with the highest spec or the most expensive because that clearly has to be better.

In fact, more expensive is not always better, and we need to establish a budget and, more importantly, stick to it. 

Avoid rushing a renovation as it can lead to overspending.

While time is of the essence for most of us, if we choose renovation tasks that allow us to be planning and decision-making, this can potentially save us money in the long run.

It’s something that’s not particularly popular, but if we can take the slow route, ultimately we will benefit financially, but it can also be less stressful. 

Waiting for sales can lead to significant savings on big-ticket items.

You can save more money if you buy off-peak, and this will completely depend on where you are, but generally, spring is the most popular time of year for hardware stores because people are now stocking up on gardening supplies and other items.

Figuring out off-peak can make a massive difference to your wallet. 

How To Do Up Your Home on a Budget

4. Check Quotes and Reviews

Additionally, when you are hiring professionals, you should work at obtaining at least three quotes so you can compare and get the best value for the services you need.

It’s not just about the money though, you need to check reviews from all 3 tradespeople.

Do the research soyou know that you’re not going to be left holding the hammer after they’ve done a terrible job and run away.

Operating on a budget is tough when it comes to doing up your home, but it’s about making sure that you can do up your home properly with the right processes and mindset.

It’s not always an easy thing to achieve; however, if you go in with the right attitude, this can make a massive difference to your finances and your overall enjoyment of the process.

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