Menu Plan – January 20th to 27th

As requested, I will now share our menu plans. This week has been thrown out of whack, usually we shop on a Sunday but now I am working all weekend and my partner is in Tasmania, so no markets. I quickly did a shop today and from next week my menu plans will be Monday to Sunday. Also, I previously posted how we spend under $150 per week on food, cleaning products, alcohol etc for a family of 4. Our lifestyle has changed since that post, so these new menu plans will reflect that.

A few things before I start:
1.) Food allergies
I cannot eat gluten, we also try to eat fairly healthy, my partner eats high protein, we limit sugar, wheat and preservatives with our kids. Due to this, our bills are higher than they would be without these limitations. I’ll provide cheaper suggestions in our plans for you.

2.) Recipes will be shared over time
I won’t have all the recipes to give you right away, often I make recipes up on the spot. Since I’d like to have images to show you, it might take a little while to get them all on the site. Some of the recipes come from the book 26 Ingredients – an eBook with over 100 recipes from only 26 ingredients, designed to help you save money in the kitchen. Loads of tips on how to reuse leftovers too! It’s only $4.95.

3.) 2 adults, 2 kids
We are a family of four, two adults and two kids. My partner and I both work (though I work mainly from home unless I’m speaking at events). He often has work events, so our calendar is all over the place. I try to stick to the menu plan as best I can, however, some weeks it doesn’t work that way.

4.) We have markets close to us
I live in Melbourne CBD with Vic Markets down the road, Aldi, Costco, Woolworths, Coles etc. So can take advantage of all the specials if I have time/energy. Usually, it’s the markets then Woolworths to top up anything we can’t get there. I know not everyone has access to markets or Aldi though.

Our Menu Plan
With that said, here is our menu plan for the week:
Cereal – we don’t always have it, I got some low sugar cereal they like for $2 a box
Eggs – scrambled, fried with toast, omelettes, frittatas (like in the picture above) or boiled are the options with eggs
Pho (a type of soup from Vietnam) – I am a little addicted to this Vietnamese deliciousness and have it a lot

As we are still on school holidays it is pretty flexible and alternates between:
Sandwiches and fruit of their choice
Platters of eggs, veggie sticks, fruit, hummus and sometimes leftover sausages etc
Leftovers from the night before if there are any

Tonight and tomorrow – Pizza from the freezer which we already had. I am working events and need sitters to do the cooking. Pizza is easy and cheap.
Sunday night – Pho (Vietnamese soup)
Monday night – Spaghetti bolognese
Tuesday night – Zucchini Bake
Wednesday night – Egg pancakes (another Vietnamese dish)
Thursday night – Chicken and veggies (I know, super exciting dinner for Australia Day!)
Friday night – Garlic Pasta (Gluten free pasta with garlic, herbs, corn and a little butter stirred through. One of my kids favourites.)
Saturday – Fried rice with sausages

Mango and banana muffins made from an old frozen banana and a mango my kids wouldn’t eat (too soft)
Capsicum, celery, carrot and cucumber sticks, with hummus if desired
Oranges, bananas or apples
Puffed corn (a cereal from the gluten free section)
Yoghurt made in the Easi-yo from packets we already had

The above recipes will be posted as I make them and can share them properly.

This week I had many of the ingredients we needed, I mainly needed to top up on fruit, veggies, spreads (butter, jam, peanut butter), our toothpaste (my partner is specific and it costs $10), blu tac, a hair brush and mince. I know many people separate toiletries, cleaning products, things like brushes etc. For me, if it’s something I might buy at the supermarket/butcher/markets etc. I include it.

All up I spent $90.09 at Woolworths and Aldi this week. 

Next week I’ll include the new menu plan and how much I spent, plus if I ended up spending more than this for this week.

What’s on your menu plan this week?


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