Mattress in a box review (624 vs Koala vs Ecosa)

How to know which mattress to buy + get $300 off

Which mattress in a box is best? It depends on what you want. I tried a few recently and here is my opinion plus some big discounts.

The way these mattresses work is you order them online, they are delivered and you can try them for 100 days. Vacuumed packed in a box, it might seem a little unconventional, but it works! You open the box with a tool, open the plastic then the mattress opens up and you can use it. This post may contain affiliate links. Read our disclosure here.

624 Memory Foam Mattress – Get $300 off + free pillows

With a 10-year warranty, $300 off here, free pillows and right now for their birthday, free sheets, 624 are definitely the most affordable!

While the pillows are not latex, we like them. The 624 Memory Foam Mattress is the one I have on my bed right now. Delivery was fast, customer service was great and I had the best nights sleep I’ve had in a long time on it. If you decide you aren’t happy with it, you can get a refund within 100 days. Mattresses which are returned are donated to various charities such as The Salvos, Red Cross, Vinnies etc.

The mattress itself fit perfectly on my Queen size bed. You can adjust the soften, it has a removable cover making it easy to wash and the bonus pillows were great. In terms of movement, my youngest has had nightmares lately and ended up in my bed. She moves so much that even on a recent school camp she was given the biggest bed because she kept hitting the wall and it disrupted her friends’ sleep. Find out more about the 624 memory foam mattress here and their sheet bonus.

Koala – softest plus Australian! $100 discount

A few friends have the Koala mattress and it is fantastic. You can get $100 off if you sign up to their email on the site as well. For me, this one was the softest and I love that it is an Aussie company.

If you like, you can purchase a bed base, pillows, sheets and sofas from them too. My friends love their mattresses and one did have to have it picked up (due to damp issues in her home, not the mattress itself) and she raved about how easy they were to deal with. She can’t wait to get a mattress again from them when her house is sorted.

From what I have read, the sofa isn’t that great but everything else they sell is.

Ecosa – Get $250 off

Another great option which is priced between Koala and 624 with their $250 discount. Ecosa offer mattresses or toppers, pillows and bamboo sheets. They claim to be environmentally friendly, though I can’t fully verify that.

They have a 15 year warranty which is fantastic for mattresses and you can have the same day delivery in metro areas. Ecosa mattresses are waterproof and the softness is adjustable.

Other options

There are other options, but I haven’t tried them and don’t know anyone who has. When I did my research on the various mattresses, the biggest differences seemed to be price¬†and softness.

Do you have one of these mattresses? What are your thoughts?

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