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With school holidays just around the corner, sometimes little fingers can go creeping through your jewellery boxes. I occasionally have little fingers trying to stash my accessories into their pockets before they go home to their Mum. So if you have a similar problem to me, here’s a fun way to help keep those little fingers busy.

DIY necklace: items you need
DIY necklaces with kids
You will need:
1x string of beads
2x crimps
1x lobster clasp
Tiger tail
Feature bead/s

Long nosed pliers

I took my 2 nieces to a local bead shop and gave them a challenge. Out of all the pretty, shiny and colourful beads you can only pick 1 string.
It was difficult for them, but they managed it – one chose a multi-coloured pebble like string, the other a line of translucent blue.
Next they could pick 1 “big bead” to go on their necklace. One niece matched her string and feature bead with colour, the other just grabbed what appealed to her, being a $15 bead! I would advise limiting their “big bead” options to keep your spending down.
DIY Necklace step 1
When we got home they each got a bowl and had to count their beads as they took them off the string and into the bowl. I found the bowl useful because it kept the beads contained but also separate from each other – no fights!
I measured and cut the tiger tail, and crimped the clasp in place whilst they counted. To crimp your clasp thread your crimp first, then your clasp, then loop the tiger tail back into the crimp and firmly press the crimp flat with pliers.
Once the girls finished counting, they figured out how many beads would be halfway so they could thread their “big bead” in the centre.
They threaded half their beads, their “big bead” and the second half of beads.
DIY Necklace - halfway bead
We then needed to close off the necklace. So we created a loop on the end and crimped it closed to give the clasp something to hold onto.
You may choose to place a bead on the closing loop to help those little fingers hold on when clasping and in clasping – your choice.
Finished DIY necklace
And voila! Their very own beautiful necklace to keep their fingers at bay.
Of course you can do this for yourself and also experiment with colours and designs. This is only a starting point for some wonderful DIY jewellery. Some examples of other DIY jewellery I’ve done are in the title image.
Extra Savings Tips:
– The tiger tail that needs crimps is far better than the tiger tail you tie closed. I’ve found that the quality and likelihood of beads flying everywhere and the necklace breaking sooner are astronomically increased when using the tiger tail that you can knot. Not worth the money.
– Hit the second hand shops for cheap old necklaces and bracelets. Using those beads instead of buying new will save you money, give new life to old wares and avoid clogging up landfill.
– Ebay, accessory outlets (like Diva at DFO) and online are also great for cheap beads and jewellery. Some of may favourite beads I got for $1 as a bunch of bracelets at DFO.
– Getting your gear online will also save the hassle of taking the kids to the shops. Kids plus shops… we all know what that equals.
– Ask around friends and family to see if they have any beaded jewellery they no longer use/broken that you could have. Frees up space for them, keeps money in your pocket and gives your kids something to do and love.
– If you do go to the shops and depending on the age of your kids, consider helping them learn budgeting skills and allowing them $5 to get what they need, crimps, clasp and tiger tail included.
What tips do you have to make DIY jewellery a cheap but fashionable affair?

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