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How to Make Money as a Voice Over Artist with Brett Olsen

How to Make Money as a Voice Over Artist with Brett Olsen

Have you Ever Wondered how to Become a Voice Over Artist or how Much Money They Make?

Today we have the amazing Brett Olsen, a professional voice over artist from Alberta, Canada.

He has worked with companies such as Google, Apple, HP, Budweiser, The US Army and many more.

He is known for landing his first ever audition and for becoming the advertising voice of YouTube.

He’s sharing how he became a voice over artist, his top tips and how you can make.

You can find his site here or check him out on Instagram here.

What Do You Do?

I’m a voice over artist.

How Much do you Make?

I make anywhere from $100 to about $5000 per gig. It varies with every job based on the scope of the project.

How and why did you get into it?

It all started for me at a time where I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I was taking business classes at a local college trying to figure out what to pursue when I discovered an online video showcasing the lifestyles of some of the worlds highest paid voice artists.

I could not believe that it was possible to make good money and work in the entertainment industry all while wearing sweatpants or a housecoat in your own house.

After finishing the school year I enrolled in a broadcasting school called American Broadcasting School based in Oklahoma City, OK.

I learned the skills to work in radio and voice over and ultimately I chose voice over.

Upon graduation, I decided to audition for one job to test my skills and I completely lucked out. I booked my very first audition.

Although I had early success, it took me quite a few years to be able to do this full time.

What Are The Pros?

Being able to work from home. Especially when it’s winter time. I really like being able to work with clients all over the world and to get a glimpse into just how different their lives are when compared to mine.

Also the ability to keep learning in the craft. There is always something new to learn.

What Are The Cons?

Dealing with outside noise. Aeroplanes and lawnmowers can really ruin a very productive session.

It can also get a bit demotivating when there is nobody around to push you or make you do a good amount of work for the day.

I am constantly trying to come up with new ways to motivate myself to audition.

What do you Wish you had Done Differently?

I wish I would have joined my swim team earlier. Having something other than voice over to focus on keeps me fresh when I come back to the studio.

What Tips Would you Give Others?

The biggest tip I can give people is to believe in yourself. To believe that you can make it in whatever you choose to do as long as your subconscious mind is on board.

From there, continue to improve your skills just a little bit every day. Just enough time to where improvement is made but not too long so that you get bored and irritated.

The daily repetition will add up over time and you will get better at whatever you do.

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