How To Make Disney Princess Inspired Tops

My little princess is a tad Disney princess crazy to the point when I do her hair she requests different styles based on the princesses. She also loves to dress up like them but I don’t like to pay for the commercial dresses that are not great quality and to really practical for everyday wear. To get around this I made her a few princess tops based of different princesses. They cost me about $5 to make and have been through the wash countless times with no sign of wear. Totally worth the time I put into making them.

Light purple t shirt
Pink ribbon
Dark purple and pink fabric

How to make Disney Princess Inspired Tops

Start by pining the pink ribbon to the front of the purple top in the cross cross pattern of a corset. Sew in place. If you are making a small size it can get a tad tricky but is doable. Once sewn make the bow and hand stitch in place, trust me you don’t want your princess asking every 10 min for you to redo that now. Also glue the ends so they don’t fray.

Sleeve puff for Disney Princess Inspired Tops - Step 1

For the puff sleeves sew strips of purple and pink fabric together. I recommend making it at least 3 times the circumference of the sleeve to get decent puff. It’s up to you how far down you want your puff sleeve but the longer the sleeve the harder it is to puff it up.

Sew your pink and purple strip together to make a tube. Slide this tube over the sleeve, inside out, up to the shoulder. Pin it in place by folding and tucking the fabric to create the puff. I make the purple fabric meet and cross over the pink. You will still see the pink when it puffs up when you are finished.

Step 2 sleeve for Rapunzel/Tangled Disney Princess inspired tops

Sew it all the way around and then fold the sleeve down. You shouldn’t see any stitching and right side should be facing out now.

How to make a Disney Princess Inspired top - sleeve part 3

To sew the bottom of the sleeve tuck the raw edge under all the way around and fold and tuck again in the same manner as the top. Pin in place again and sew. The time you will be able to see the stitching so try to match your thread. This also can be a bit tricky if you are working on a small top.

Do both sleeves and your princess top is finished! Because it’s a top you can pair it with a skirt, shorts or pants and then your little princess can get down and dirty while maintaining her modesty and not compromising movement.

How to make a Disney Princess inspired top

You can make most princesses by picking the main colours and picking out a few details to add. Here we also have Snow White which gets a major workout in out home. We have yellow skirts, jeans and a skirt to pair it with no matter what the weather Snow White comes out every few days.

Which princess would you want to make?

Tutorial by Rachael Puric

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