How to make over dining chairs

Thank goodness for generous friends!  Some lovely friends of ours had bought a dining table on ebay to find they didn’t have the room for it.  Upon realising this, they kindly donated it to us!

Dining table and chairs makeover

We had a small 4-seater timber table and chairs on our rear deck which was in serious need of expansion, so it was then handed over to another family member in need as well.

Don’t you love how the recycling world goes around and around …

After a day of searching the local shops for some chairs to match our new table, we came to the realisation that a set of new chairs was going to set us back around $800 (8 x chairs at $100 each) for the style we wanted.  Quite a considerable amount of money for something that was not in our budget this year.  After a quick search on ebay, we found a set of 8 x timber chairs available in the next suburb for only $250.  They were sturdy, in good condition, and just the style we were after.

Dining chair makeover before

They matched the dining table, and fit just perfectly.  It was meant to be!

It took 4 nights for my husband to complete the work on the chairs.  He would come home after a hard day’s work to have dinner then get to work on sanding back the chairs, and prepping them for painting.  He used a gloss off-white colour to the legs and back…three coats of paint later…this is how they came out …

Dining table and chairs makeover

I think he’s done an amazing job!  What a difference it has made.

We are calling this project a “work in progress”, as we are still undecided on what to do with the dining table.  We quite like the old, rustic look that it has, which matches quite well with our home.  He was considering leaving it as is, however it has some exposed timber in the corner, so we think this may need to be sealed against water damage.

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Article by Alison, founder of The Thrifty Issue, originally written a few years ago.

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