How to make your own custom labels

My 2 older kids (6 and 3) share a bedroom, which is a constant mess. They also share the one cupboard for all their clothes. We are trying to teach them to look after their own belongings so get them to pack away their own clothes and find their own clothes in the morning. While this is good in theory it leads to most clothes being thrown on the floor each morning, kicked around the room then ‘cleaned up’ by all being placed in the wash instead of back in the cupboard. To try and stop this cycle I got them tubs for all clothes instead of the shelves. For the most part it’s making a difference but since you can’t see through the tub and to help my 3yr old learn to read I created a few little labels for the front of each tub.

How to make your own custom labels

To make your own labels, you will need:
Pens or computer and printer
Laminator and sheets

I don’t like my handwriting or drawing so I do anything I can on the computer but you could just as easily write and draw your own.

How to make your own custom labels


Start by deciding what you are going to label. For us I needed pants, jumpers, and tops. My 6 yr old is too grown up for labels so these are only for my little one.

I then jumped on the computer and used Microsoft Publisher to create the 3 labels. I drew a box the size I wanted, typed the word and chose a font and size then added a simple picture to match.

How to make your own custom labels

We only have black ink so I print in black then cut out each label and glue it to a bright colour background. Once you have all the labels cut warm up the laminator and laminate each label. I fit 3 labels in one sheet.

Cut them out and stick to whatever needs labelling. I used double sided tape for these but I’m thinking of changing it to a sheet of contact paper over the whole thing so it’s harder for the kids to pull them off.

You can label all kinds of things, toy boxes, craft supplies, kitchen cupboards or the laundry hampers.

Where would you put labels to help your little ones?

Article by Rachael PuricĀ 

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