Knowledge Is Power – How And What To DIY #21DayMoneyChallenge

Some skills can save you a fortune if you learn them and put them into practice. Sewing, mending, car basics, cooking, learning to do your own hair and beauty treatments, home maintenance basics and more.

Do you have clothes that need mending? Are there things around your home which need repairing or is there something you feel you could do yourself if only you knew how?

Take some time today to research how to do it and get it done. Teach yourself or find someone to teach you these skills. If you don’t have time today, schedule time in asap.

What can you DIY?

These days, there are tutorials for everything. Knowing what to do yourself and when to get a professional is important. Simple things like changing a tap washer are easy to do yourself, putting new pipes in or replumbing the bathroom is not.

I used to be the DIY queen! I lived in a house in Sydney where I did a bunch of renovations, I was a hairdresser and beautician so I did all my own as well as work for clients, I sewed making clothes for my kids, mending our clothes and making gifts for others (I also made things to sell such as cloth nappies, aprons and similar). I baked, making everything from scratch including bread and pizza, I also made my own jam and sauces from cheap fruit and veg at the markets.

What you choose to do yourself will be up to you. Think about your skill levels, equipment needed to do the project and whether you have it or will need to buy it, how much time it will take you, how much you need to learn, how much money it will save you and can you legally do it yourself? Remember, there are some things that must be done by a professional, so check the legalities in your area. Sometimes, paying someone else to do it works out cheaper, so weigh it up.

I know people who have completely renovated their homes, do their car services, fix computers, do their own hair and other services most would pay for.

How do you DIY?

Look up tutorials online, go take a class, ask someone to teach you and give it a go. We learn by doing, so don’t be afraid to try. You might not be successful on your first attempt (do you think your local hairdresser was fantastic from the start? No, she did a 4 year apprenticeship and most likely extra training on top of that!

Decide what you want to start doing yourself, then find out how to do it and practice! Start small with making some food from scratch or learning to hand sew to mend things like putting on a button. The main thing is to look at what you can do yourself to save money and start.

What in your life can you learn to DIY and implement today to start saving money?

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