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January – Track Your Spending

How to Get Back on Track After the Festive Season and Set up 2022 for Success

This month will be all about tracking your spending, working out your budget AND saving on back to school supplies. We have some savings challenges you might want to try along with loads of discounts. Check it all out below.

Book of the Month

Each month I will suggest a book or a few books that tie in with the theme. Here are my suggestions for this month:

The Barefoot Investor: it gets you back to basics or helps you start if you have never budgeted or done anything with money before. It is basic and aimed at the general masses though.

The Simple Path to Wealth: is American but explains investing well.

Quit Like a Millionaire: is another book that is about investing, living frugally and achieving early retirement.

The Psychology of Money: if you’re already set with a budget and the basics, this book will help you understand yourself and others plus how we manage money so much better.


Here are some tips and articles on budgeting:

How to Create and Stick to a Budget

How to Stick to a BUdget as a Single Income Family

How to Become a Millionaire, even as a Single Mum

Back to School

Back to school can be expensive with school supplies, clothing and other essentials. Check out this article with everything you need to save money on education.

Also, read The Real Cost of Raising Kids and how to Reduce it for more ideas.

Massive Discounts

Below you will find exclusive discounts for everything we could get you for January. This will be updated all throughout the month as we get new offers.

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