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Is Catch Worth it? Review of

Is Catch Worth it? Review of

How to Know if Catch is Worth it

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Catch (previously Catch Of The Day) is an Australian site with loads of bargains. So how do you know if it’s worth it, if you truly get a bargain and what to buy or avoid?

I tested Catch with a few different items over a few months. Here is my experience, tips and opinion.

Is Catch Worth it?

When some people look at the prices, particularly for expensive electrical items, it can seem a bit daunting. I mean, paying hundreds or over $1,000 for an item which is discounted on there sounds too good to be true.

I’ve heard mixed reports and my experience was mixed. On the one hand, my phone was posted quickly and is great. Other items simply never arrived after a month and continual emails to get my items. I did get a refund but it was frustrating.

You can get a bargain but may need to wait to get the item which isn’t entirely their fault. It was a combination of slow warehouse and Australia Post issues. Also, prices can vary and I have seen prices be listed as discounted there when in fact, they were much cheaper elsewhere. Don’t believe their recommended retail prices vs the discount price. Do your own research.

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What To Buy?

Catch has a wide range of items from phones through to activewear, food to beauty items and even phone plans. As mentioned, I purchased a phone, specifically the Samsung Galaxy S9+ which arrived within a couple of days, perfect! 

I attempted to buy sports gear which said it would be shipped within 2 to 4 business days. A week later, nothing but it did say it had been packed. I emailed a week after that and they had to investigate it. Eventually, a month after I made the original purchase I was offered a refund or the items repacked and sent. I opted for a refund and bought items elsewhere. 

I’ve heard mixed reports on the food. When I’ve checked prices, often it was the same as the specials in the shops or a few times more expensive. Their daily deals can be amazing though! 

Customer Service

One issue on many cheap sites is customer service. Every dealing I have had with Catch customer service was brilliant. Fast, clear, eager to solve the problem and they did what they could to rectify things.

My contact was all via email as I prefer it but they have a few contact methods and all are polite, professional and helpful.


Aside from the FAQ’s on the site, here are the frequently asked questions I have had about Catch.

How Quick is Postage?

Since it is up to Aus Post, it can vary. For every item you are considering buying, check on Catch if it is in stock or how long it is expected to take to ship. You can then track it (they send you a link).

Most items will ship within a few days so if you live in the city you will have it quickly. Rural areas will take a bit longer.

What is the Quality Like?

You’re buying brand name items. The quality is the same as anywhere else you will buy them. Sometimes they are end of season or a brand is changing the style of the product so they are clearing it out which is how Catch can sell it cheaper.

Is There Anything I Should Avoid?

A few years ago we had issues with the used by dates on some food items but I heard those issues have been resolved. Realistically, check your prices, know what you want and be smart about what you’re buying. It can be easy to add too much to your cart because there are so many bargains.

Have you tried Catch? What did you think?

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