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How to Teach Your Kids About Life: Review of Read For Fun

How to Teach Your Kids About Life: Review of Read For Fun

How to Teach Your Kids About Money, Mindfulness, Gratitude and Life in General

One of the most common questions I get is about my kids and how I have raised them to be the way they are.

They’re above average in every area, intelligent, compassionate, confident, understanding and great with money.

Their emotional and intellectual intelligence is always complimented.

My aim with parenting is to be open, honest and understanding.

I answer anything age-appropriate but factually and I am always looking for opportunities to teach them about life and life skills I want them to have.

Reading has been a huge part of that both me reading to them and them reading for themselves.

Cultivating a love of reading will help your kids in life.

Read For Fun is a new service by someone I know and trust, helping parents do just that.

Each month focuses on a specific topic with a book and fun printable sheets the kids can do.

While my teens are too old for it now, this is absolutely the sort of thing I have done with them and we now do with my younger two.

Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

Have you ever heard this or said it to your kids? Did you know there is a whole book about it now?

This month, Read For Fun has a whole pack dedicated to teaching kids about money, including the book, Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees.

Plus with the code TTI10 you can get 10% off the packs (not subscriptions).

It’s a fun and easy read, extremely relatable for adults and full of great lessons for kids.

I have 2 copies, one for my house and one for my stepdaughter in the Solomon Islands.

Her mother loved it when I showed her so I got it for them.

Here is the pack Read For Fun has available

How Read For Fun Works

Read For Fun has a few options including a digital pack, a book plus digital pack and a subscription.

You can either choose what you want as packs become available or subscribe to get a new pack every month.

With different important life topics covered every month it’s a great way to teach your kids and have fun together.

Each digital pack includes activity sheets and a recipe. Recipes are a great way to bond plus kids learn math, science and cooking all in one.

What Topics Are Covered

Being a new business, there are only 4 available now but more coming including goal setting. Right now you can choose from:

The Smart Cookie: All about a cookie who has a great life now but reflects on how he lacked confidence and struggled to fit in at school and how we all learn in different ways.
Hope Is A Spark: Is about gratitude and the little things in life bringing joy.
Alone: Alone is an endearing story about how sometimes our worst moments can lead to the best things in life.
Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees: All about money.

As you can see, there are a variety of topics, all with valuable lessons and designed to teach your kid life skills.

How to Use Read For Fun

Getting a book every month with activity packs is a great way to start setting aside time for life lessons.

Taking the time to teach your kid these skills plus discuss your own view on them as you read the book or do the recipes is great for bonding.

As a mother of teenagers, I can see now how important these moments where when my kids were younger.

By spending time with them talking about the topics Read For Fun covers in their packs, they feel comfortable as teenagers to ask me anything. Having teens willing to open up to their parents is rare.

On top of that, by tackling a variety of things that happen in life through fun activities such as these book and printable packs, my kids have a higher emotional intelligence than most.

They understand things differently and have helped many friends through mental health issues, given their friends hope and gotten them the right support due to the lessons learned when they were young.

It might seem small, but books, activities and time together set the foundations for their life and your relationship later.

Check out Read For Fun and follow them on Instagram for tips, book ideas and more plus find Read For Fun on Facebook.

Don’t forget to use the code TTI10 to get 10% off packs only until 31 August 2022.

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