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How to Set and Achieve Goals in 2023

How to Set and Achieve Goals in 2023

10 Tips to Achieve More in 2023

For most people, many goals were not achieved in the last 3 years.

Life changed so much, we had to adapt, right when some of us thought things were improving, lockdowns happened again etc.

It’s ok if all you did the last 3 years was survive!

We haven’t all had to create super successful businesses, side hustles, or get fit.

This rollercoaster went longer than expected and took its toll.

That said, I am hoping you’re interested in joining me to kick butt in 2023.

Personally, I have already started on my 2023 goals because I don’t like waiting for January 1st.

I like to start asap whenever I can.

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1. Review Your Previous Year

Did you set goals last year? How did they go?

What were you successful at, what did you enjoy, what do you need to work on?

If you didn’t achieve certain things, why didn’t you achieve them?

How do you want to live your life and what do you need to change to make that happen?

Go over each goal and work out what happened to prevent you from achieving them or if you did achieve them, what contributed to the success.

How can you apply that to future goals?

Life happens, goals change and some things we set out to do are unrealistic.

Be honest with yourself so you can set and achieve goals next time.

My 2022 Review

You can find my 2022 goals at the end of this post, which I now laugh at.

I was ambitious for 2022 with no idea how bad my health would be or that I’d be moving states or anything.

My full review is done in a journal so I can look back on it. Below is a short summary.

In 2022, I mistakenly thought the birth of my fourth child would be similar to the birth of my third the year before.

Instead, it was an extremely traumatic birth and caused numerous health issues I am still trying to fix.

Also, I was on my own in Queensland most of the year while their dad was in NSW for a new job.

Juggling a newborn, toddler and two teens then an interstate move was not what I anticipated for 2022.

What Did I Achieve?

While I did not achieve the goals I set, I achieved new goals that were put in place during the year.

1. Helped him secure a job right after he finished his course.

2. Helped my kids with numerous extracurricular activities, representing the schools etc. My eldest was accepted to a robotics program, an engineering program and a few other things.

3. Gave birth.

4. Packed a house and moved to another state with essentially no help and 4 kids in tow.

5. Secured a rental in NSW then had to move again because the renovations in the rental were not council-approved.

This means I somehow managed to secure 2 rental properties at the exact time I needed to in this rental crisis. I still can’t believe that.

6. Made enough money to cover large car repairs in Vanuatu for family, paid for both moves, a trip to Vanuatu, a fridge and oven for my in-laws, cleared my debt plus paid for everything my kids wanted/needed.

And I did it with barely any time to work.

Check out how to manage cultural differences with money to see why I did this.

7. Sorted passports (this is huge given the hoops I had to jump through and the extensive wait times).

8. Finished the year debt free! I had a little debt remaining from legal fees with my custody battle plus more recently, a small debt for Invisalign for my eldest.

All debts are now done and it feels amazing.

What Do I Need to Change?

When doing my review I saw clearly the areas I am not living life to my fullest.

Family, health and travel are 3 important things to me.

Yet, other than being here for my kids and doing everything around them, I feel my values and the way I live my life have not been aligned for a while.

I know how I want my life to look and what I need to change.

Starting with shifting my focus, redoing my goals, recreating my motivation wall and tracking things daily to ensure I am taking steps towards my goals.

2. Decide What You Truly Want, Not What Others Want For You

The goals your friends and family set or what you see on social media might sound appealing but are they truly what you want?

Often, people set goals based on what their friends are doing or what they feel they should do.

Think about the life you want. What sort of lifestyle do you want to have, what sort of person do you want to be, and how do you want your day to look?

Take some time to write down your perfect day.

Everything from your home and how you wake up to what you eat, activities you do, how you feel, all of it.

How can you achieve that?

My life has always been around my family, travel, the beach, activities we enjoy etc.

For the past few years, despite major obstacles, we did get to travel.

I have worked from home around my kids their whole life and been able to afford most of what we wanted or needed.

The past 2 years this was tricker with 2 pregnancies and births and doing most of it on my own but I managed, barely.

Now, we live in NSW, close to the beach (it’s the end of our street, so a few houses away).

We can walk everywhere we want, have an active lifestyle, the kids have great friends and we travel when possible.

My income is mostly passive so I take on work when I want to/when I can but there is always income coming in even if I don’t get much time to write.

Check out 23 ways to make money on the side in 2023 for some ideas.

To achieve that, we had to know what life we wanted and then make changes in our lives to make it happen.

Without knowing the ideal lifestyle for us, there’s no way we could have created a plan and followed it to achieve it.

3. Be Realistic

When setting goals, be realistic.

You want to push yourself but at the same time, we can’t all achieve everything and there are some limits.

Work out what you want and what steps are achievable to make that happen.

Allow enough time, ensure you have the resources then get to it.

My goals for 2022 seemed realistic to me when I set them because I wasn’t facing parenting alone or my health issues.

Once it was clear I wouldn’t have help or childcare and my health meant I couldn’t do much, I reviewed my goals and decided that something was better than nothing.

The past 3 years have been a stage in my life where much of it was taken up with pregnancy issues, a lot of parenting and supporting others.

It was hard but has been worth it.

I learned a lot in 2022 about juggling life with 4 kids and have a better plan for 2023 as a result.

Also, I finally have some childcare available as of January.

4. Write Them Down

Writing your goals down solidifies them in your brain and helps you focus.

Many successful people write down and review their goals daily.

Goals are just wishes unless you write them down with a proper plan of action.

I usually write mine down based on the SMART method: Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic TimeBound but have become a little more flexible in how they are written, provided I also outline a plan to achieve them properly.

For example, I know how I want my body to look, how far and fast I want to be able to run, the same with rowing etc.

So I will write my goal based on that then break it down into little steps.

I habit stack and add in feeling.

How I feel about the goal, the end result and the life I want directly impacts how likely I am to achieve it.

5. Break Them Into 1% Steps

The books Atomic Habits and The Compound Effect both go into detail about breaking your goals into small steps.

Also, the impact of 1% over time.

Making a small change every day is more achievable, you can stick to it and increase it easier than trying to do a huge overhaul.

Take weight loss for example.

Most people decide they want to lose 20kg so they sign up at the gym and start a diet.

They plan to go 1 to 2 hours a day, every day and only eat clean or plant-based or keto or do intermittent fasting or whatever diet they feel will be best.

Going from eating junk all the time to no junk and not exercising to doing 1 to 2 hours a day is not advisable nor is it sustainable long term.

However, finding an exercise you enjoy such as a specific class or doing the Couch to 5km or signing up for a challenge are all great small steps you can build on.

As you improve, increase what you are doing.

The same for finances.

Start by saving 1% if 10% is daunting.

Then the following month, push it to 2% and so on.

Before you know it, you’ll be saving 10% and it won’t feel as if you made huge sacrifices to get there.

You don’t have to achieve everything within the year! It’s ok to go slower, build it and do it sustainably so it is a lifestyle change you can maintain.

6. Have Accountability

Being accountable to someone or something helps you keep focus.

My sisters and I have checked in with each other about health goals.

On Aspiring Millionaire I share our financial goals and progress to keep me accountable.

Work out how you want to remain accountable then add it to your life.

With the health example, I wrote out my wellness plan and shared it with one of my sisters so I can check in regularly. It’s easy to create groups for that.

Join Facebook groups relevant to your goals or create your own.

Go to meet-ups in your area or if a goal can connect to a class, then enrol so you are accountable to the teacher.

Being accountable will make it much easier to stick to it when you don’t feel like it.

7. Take Action

Now you have your plan, take action.

Commit to doing what you need to do every day.

I have a morning routine I love which has helped me significantly when I am able to do it.

As a mother of 4, I am well aware not all mornings go to plan.

If I can do my routine, my day runs smoother and I am in a better headspace though.

It also ensures I do things to get me 1 step closer to my goals every day.

Read books, listen to Podcasts and YouTube to stay motivated when I am exercising, walking, cleaning the house or driving.

All these things keep me focused.

When writing down your goals, break them into steps then put reminders around the place to help you take action.

8. Be Woo Woo

While all the practical steps are crucial, being a bit ‘woo woo’ helps me immensely.

By woo woo, I mean The Law of Attraction, vision boards and similar.

I have a full motivation wall which includes my vision board, calendar, quotes and anything else I feel will help.

It is incredible the amount I have achieved by doing this.

I meditate. Visualisation has been a huge part of enabling me to achieve my goals.

Olympic athletes do this too so it’s not that woo woo!

When going through my custody battle, having a specific visualisation helped immensely and amazingly, the day I visualised is almost exactly how the day happened when I won.

A few things which have helped me embrace this are:

Lucky Bitch. Denise Duffield Thomas is an Aussie and it is so good to hear her. I listen to her podcast as well as follow her on Facebook.

We Should All Be Millionaires isn’t so much woo woo but it sure lit a fire for me and is a must-read.

9. Change Your Social Media

Spend less time on social media and be more thoughtful about how you use it.

Most of us spend too much time absorbing fake, curated content that negatively impacts our lives.

By changing what is in my feed on any platform, I noticed significant shifts in my mood and mental health. Here are some tips.

Get rid of anything that bums you out, including friends.

On Facebook, you can unfollow them so still be ‘friends’ but they won’t show up in your feed.

Follow accounts that inspire, uplift and relate to your goals or the life you want.

Do not follow ‘fitspo’ accounts if trying to lose weight. Most of them are not at all inspirational.

Put time limits or blocks on it.

You can delete the apps from your phone to make them less accessible.

Use blockers on your laptop when working and find something else to do instead of scrolling.

I share what I am doing regarding ways to make and save money plus sometimes a bit of parenting/our life on The Thrifty Issue Facebook PageInstagram and in the Facebook Group.

10. Create the Ideal Environment

To help with motivation and success, create the ideal environment.

If you want to do yoga, set it up. Either book in a class or have a dedicated space in your home for it.

Have a specific saving goal? Set up a direct debit on payday or discuss with payroll to have your pay split.

Tempted by junk food? Don’t keep it in the house.

Sick of wasting $20 a week with other mums having coffee and cake at a cafe?

Suggest going for a walk around a specific area or going to a park or other free activities instead.

Look at your environment. Everything from your home to your phone to your activities.

Work out what changes you need to make so that everywhere and everything is working to give you the life you want.

What are your goals for 2023 and how will you achieve them?


Books: Atomic Habits and The Compound EffectChillpreneur and Lucky BitchWe Should All Be Millionaires Plus 52 books I read in 2021
AppsConqueror Challenge (medals for health challenges/goals)
Other: Website Aspiring Millionaire

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