How to sell on Etsy

Selling online can be daunting if you are doing it for the first time, it can also be a very profitable business if you know what to do. Starting an online shop is easier than you think. I’ve tried a few sites and for handmade items I recommend Etsy. Below is a quick Starters Guide for setting up your shop on Etsy.


The Shop Name
One of the first things you need to decide is your shop name. I recommend keeping the name as short as you can so its easier for people to remember and search for. Its easier to remember “Shiny Smiles” than “Sally’s Awesome Smile Makers”.

I also recommend not naming your product in name. It can be misleading if you branch out or sell different things in the future.

The Logo
It doesn’t need to be complicated or fancy but having a logo will help you look more professional and polished. A logo can always be changed later as you grow your business. Start with selecting a few colours you like and go from there. My current logo is simply 3 difference sized circles on a green background.

Once you have your logo you can use it to make banners and as a watermark on your product photos.

Make sure you have a set policy on things such as shipping, refunds, usage rights, complaints etc. Etsy gives you a box for each policy and an additional space to add anything else you want to mention. Write it all in. These policies will grow and change as your business does, but its best to have them at the start to try and curb problems or questions before they arise.

Be clear on what you will and wont do, where you ship to, if you do custom orders, how long it takes to ship, why you will give refunds,

Number of Items
Etsy recommends you list at least 10 items in your store to increase the chance you will show up in searches. I started out with 5 and have added to my store over the last year so that now I have 30 listings. Every listing doesn’t need to be a different product, you may be able to list in different quantities or sizes to start with and consolidate as needed.

Photos sell your product more than any words you write. Make you photos as clear and clutter free as possible. You want your item to look its best so keep it in natural light with a clean background before taking the picture. They allow you to add 5 photos so use them!

Once you have photos and descriptions for all your items your shop is open for business.

Have you shopped on Etsy? Ever thought of selling on Etsy?

Written by Rachael

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