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How to Save Money With Your Phone and Internet

How to Save Money With Your Phone and Internet

Mobile phones are considered essential in our lives today. I’m not going to tell you to get rid of it. I do want you to consider how you use it and what you really need.

How to Save Money on Your Phone

Do you Need to be on a Plan or Would Prepaid Suffice?

Often plans cost more and if you go over it can be extremely expensive. I have been prepaid for years and prefer it. I buy a phone outright when needed and can choose which provider I go with for my phone. If you have been on a plan for a while and didn’t upgrade your phone when it expired, check to make sure you aren’t still being charged for it!

Is it Mainly Data you Need?

If you mainly use data there are options that cater for this. If you do make phone calls, look at other options such as Skype. It is usually cheaper to use a service like that through data instead of having a plan which includes calls, plus you can still use your own number.

No Credit Periods

Previously, I have gone without credit on my phone at times. I rarely make calls and access free wifi when needed.

How to Save Money With Your Internet

With your internet plan, do you have one that suits your needs? How much data do you need or is unlimited best? Can you connect at home or do you want it to be portable? Look into your options and find the one which suits you.

Compare Providers

Compare the options available in your area including the price, speed and any other features or benefits. A super cheap deal might seem great, it usually comes with slow speed and poor customer service so check the speed and check reviews online about the company to see if you will get support when you need it.

Use it to Make Money

Most of the money I make is done online. Along with saving money getting a better deal, have a look at all the ways you can make money online or with your phone such as Swagbucks, Octopus Group, become a blogger, do VA work, market research, mystery shopping and 10 ways to make $1,000 this month.

Image of laptop with coconuts and a phone. Text reads how to save money on phone and internet.

How do you make and save money with your phone or internet?

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