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How To Save Money When Organising A Party

How To Save Money When Organising A Party

5 Tips to Save Money When Organising a Party

Parties are a lot of fun, and whether it’s for you or someone you love, throwing a party is a fantastic way to celebrate a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or any other special life event.

The problem, of course, is cost.

If you want to throw a wonderful party, you might think it will be expensive and sometimes you don’t have the budget for it.

So what can you do? Do you forget about the party altogether?

Do you spend the money and then regret it (even if it’s a great party, you might still feel bad for spending the money or taking on debt for it)?

The good news is you don’t have to do either of those things because there are plenty of DIY options that mean your party can still be brilliant.

You don’t have to spend anywhere near as much money as you would if you had someone else organise it all for you.

With that in mind, here are just a few ways to save money when you’re organising a party.

5 Tips to Save Money When Organising a Party

1. Set A Budget

The first step when it comes to saving money on your party is to have a realistic budget in place that you absolutely can’t go over.

Once you’ve worked out how much you can spend (and how much you’re willing to spend, which might not be the same thing), you can allocate specific amounts for different aspects of the event, such as food, drinks, decorations, and maybe entertainment.

With a clear budget, you can make better decisions and feel confident that whatever you’re spending is something you can afford. 

If you work out your budget and you realise that it’s not going to be enough to organise the party you wanted, you’ll have a couple of choices.

You could go ahead anyway and reduce your expectations, work within a smaller budget and still have a great time.

Or you could wait, work on saving more money so you can have the party you wanted in the first place.

Lastly, you could consider going into debt, which is what many do but then you are paying interest on top of the cost and will likely resent it all later as debt is crushing.

Generally, going into debt for a party is not worth it so we don’t recommend it but we acknowledge some people do it.

Whether you use debt or not, do not ignore your budget because as much fun as parties are, they’re not worth all the hassle that comes with financial issues. 

Note if you do go into debt, use these strategies to pay it off faster.

5 Tips to Save Money When Organising a Party

2. Choose The Right Venue 

One of the biggest expenses, when you’re organising a party, is generally the venue, so if you can reduce that cost, you’ll have a lot more to spend elsewhere.

or perhaps reducing that cost means the party can go ahead and you won’t have to postpone.

In either case, it’s a good idea to think of ways to spend less on the venue if you want to save money. 

One excellent option would be to host the event at home or at a friend’s house because then you won’t have any venue costs to pay at all.

If your space is limited and you can’t comfortably fit all the guests in, another option could be a community centre (which is often very cheap to hire), a park, or other outdoor space.

The only thing you’ll need to remember is to check whether or not you need permission to hold a party in the area you’ve picked, and, if you’re outside, you’ll probably also want to check the weather forecast as well. 

If none of those options appeals and you still want to hire a venue, ask about cheaper rates – in a lot of cases, weekdays and off-season dates are heavily discounted compared to weekends and the more popular times of the year.

Doing those times could mean the venue you want is more readily available and more affordable.

5 Tips to Save Money When Organising a Party

3. DIY Decorations 

Instead of splurging on decorations that cost a lot of money and then probably going to get thrown away once the part is over, why not get creative and make your own?

You’ll find plenty of inspiration on Pinterest and other DIY websites, as well as instructions on exactly what you’ll need and how much it costs, so you can ensure everything fits in your budget. 

It’s even better if you can repurpose things you already have at home, like mason jars, candles, string lights, and so on.

You can ask friends and family to help and make their own decorations to add to yours, which will give the party a charming and fun look and everyone will love being a part of it. 

Setting up things like a photobooth adds a fun element, is a way to decorate and provides a cute moment for people to take home.

Check Facebook Marketplace, community groups, Pay It Forward groups etc for free decorations too.

Eliminate balloons and similar decorations that are bad for the environment and you’ll immediately save money.

5 Tips to Save Money When Organising a Party

4. Budget Food

After the venue, food is one of the biggest expenses of a party, so if you can save money here, that’s going to help.

There are a few ways you can save money on food, depending on the style of event you are hosting.

For starters, more casual events can be potluck.

This is where every guest who comes is tasked with bringing one dish with them (or a drink if their cooking skills aren’t up to scratch!)? 

Not only does this idea mean that the cost is distributed between all the guests, but it also means the menu is varied and could even be a surprise.

If you get some fancy foil stickers, you can label the dishes when they arrive so no one is confused about what’s what, and you’ll make your table look attractive at the same time.

Remember to include any allergens on the descriptions so you keep all your guests safe and sound. 

Other alternatives include buying from bulk food warehouses, canape or finger food instead of full meals or hosting a brunch instead of lunch or dinner.

When planning the food, keep in mind these tips to reduce leftovers and what to do if you have lots of leftover food.

Make it an alcohol free event and you’ll instantly free up some of your budget plus make it easier for anyone who is not drinking. You don’t need alcohol to have fun.

5 Tips to Save Money When Organising a Party

5. DIY Entertainment 

Your entertainment is another way you can get creative and save money because instead of hiring professional performers or DJs, you can make your own playlist and set up a DIY sound system.

You might need to borrow some good speakers but great speakers aren’t that expensive anymore either and if you host often, it is worth the investment.

You can also ask your guests to bring ideas and equipment for games, whether that’s outdoor games like Frisbee or football or indoor ones like cards or board games, for example.

Or what about organising a scavenger hunt or a friendly sports competition?

As long as everyone’s having fun, they won’t mind that it’s not professionally done (in fact, they might like it even more).

5 Tips to Save Money When Organising a Party

Extra Tips

The above 5 tips were general ideas for any occasion. If you’re looking for tips in more detail check out the following articles:

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.