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How to Save Even More with eBay and Black Friday!

How to Save Even More with eBay and Black Friday!

It’s no secret I love and have used eBay for years, both buying and selling.

You can save so much money on everything.

Here are my top tips on how to make the most of eBay and especially with Black Friday. 

You might find some of these tips basic.

That’s because they are based on what I have found useful and what people have messaged me to ask about when using eBay.

It was my dad and brother who taught me how to use eBay years ago.

It’s evolved a lot since then with everything you can think of available, new and used.

Plus, due to the rating system and customer service, you can feel safer shopping while still getting discounts.

The following is a sponsored post. I only work with brands I use and can endorse using my personal experience. All the information is my own. Read our full disclosure here

A One Stop Shop

Time is money, right? One of the things I love about eBay is being able to find everything I need, at a bargain price and have it shipped.

No spending hours driving to the shops, finding a park, going to all the shops to get everything then coming home. 

Shopping on eBay, I can find exactly what I need in the comfort of my own home and for less than in-store usually and much faster.

Plus, items that are discontinued, collectables etc which my kids want are on there too. 

Shop With a List

I do this with all my shopping anyway but especially when shopping online.

I get my kids to send me a list with links for what they want for Christmas then I look for the exact items on eBay. 

Some of the items and brands they love have a wider variety of items internationally.

We got some items no one else had here in their group of friends which amazed them and gave me loads of brownie points.

A few things we are personally looking at to take advantage of the 20% Black Friday Sale are the Ultimate Ears UE BOOM 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

We had similar ones before but gave them to a friend when we left the islands. 

My kids want a Soda Stream since they are now teenagers and would drink it all day if I let them. The LEGO Minifigures are popular with their friends too. 

Check the Sales

It took me too long to realise eBay has sales too. Black Friday is happening right now with 20% off millions of items.

This is a great way to complete your Christmas shopping, buy things for yourself or even stock up on gifts for next year. 

Download the eBay app and activate notifications. I get special offers this way and never miss out on items I am watching. 

Check Location and Postage

Where an item is located and how long postage will take can impact whether you want to buy it or not.

If you want to, you can filter by location making it easier to shop where you want and have a higher chance of items arriving on time. 

Also, check the postage price. My preference when searching on eBay is to search price plus postage lowest first.

This way, postage is calculated into the price and the items I am viewing are in order of least expensive to most. 

Check Reviews

I cannot stress this enough! Check the reviews of wherever you are buying.

Most people are great because of the feedback system and eBay removes dodgy sellers.

Still, check the reviews to know what the seller is like.

Don’t Be Afraid to Send Offers

Some listings have the option to buy it now or make an offer.

Sending an offer can be a great way to save money.

Most of the items we have purchased are clothes or games.

More often than not, I’ve saved $5 to $30 by sending in an offer. 

The worst they can do is say no but most of the time my offers were accepted, or the seller gave a counteroffer which still saved me money.

Seller Offers

If you are watching items you are thinking about, keep an eye out for a discount from the seller.

Sometimes they send a special offer to those watching their item if you buy it now.

I’ve been offered up to 30% off this way, 

Buy It Now vs Auction

Listings will have an auction price, buy it now price or both and sometimes the option to make an offer as mentioned above.

Buy It Now is great for knowing exactly what you will pay and securing the item.

However, if you are ok with a little risk, auctions can have some serious bargains.

If you chose to buy an item through auction, my best tip is to place your bid in the last 10 seconds.

Have the app on your phone and put the item in your watchlist then in the final few seconds, add your bid. 

I usually put in a bid higher than the opening price, just in case others are doing what I am doing.

Rarely have I had to pay my highest but sometimes I won by my bid being higher by as little as 50 cents. 

You do run the risk of others winning the auction or you being busy when it finishes though. 

eBay Plus

I don’t always sign up for memberships, but you can get the best deals as an eBay Plus member.

My parents got skincare Mum loves for half the price in stores by being eBay Plus members.

I’ve purchased everything from clothing to office supplies. 

There are some T&C’s such as a $49 fee but you also get free metro delivery (excluding WA, NT & TAS).

Read all the benefits and T&C’s so you know how it will work for you.

Sell What you Don’t Need

While you’re at it, why not sell what you don’t need once you’re done shopping.

Look around your house and list anything you no longer use.

We’ve made thousands a month at times doing this and it took less than 3 minutes per item to list. 

A few tips for selling:

  • Check the sold listings for the items you want to sell to see how much they are selling for. 
  • Take clear photos with the items looking their best.
  • Use the eBay editing options to have a white background if needed. 
  • Provide accurate descriptions. 

Plan Your Shopping

As you can see, there are so many ways to save money with eBay.

Sort your Christmas plans, buy in the Black Friday sale and relax between now instead of running around the shops stressed out. 

What have you bought on eBay and loved? What tips do you have for other readers?

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