How to manage multiple businesses/projects as a mum with Mim Jenkins – Side Hustle Series

How can you find time in your busy day for everything?

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Mim Jenkinson online for years since we are both bloggers and businesswomen we are in multiple Facebook groups together. Mim has overcome cancer and now has multiple businesses and a great life. You can find her at Love from Mim, Self-Start Mums and Plan with Mim. You can find her on social channels for each under @lovefrommim,@selfstartmums and @planwithmim.

What do you do?

My time is mainly spent on my website, Love from Mim. What began as a diary to document my second pregnancy turned into a place to share my family’s favourite things. More recently it has become a hub for busy mums who want to become more organised and find time for the things they love. This includes finding time, every week, for “me time”. I share simple solutions, tips and hacks on how to save time and money and how to prioritise what is important.
I’m also Content Editor for tellmebaby.com.au, Australia’s biggest baby product review site.
I have recently founded Self-Start Mums, a community for mums who run their own self-employed business. We share tips on how to juggle family and business, challenges, promotional and collaboration opportunities. SSM is for mums in business who want to find the balance between building their business, spending time with their family and finding time for themselves too.
Finally, I freelance for major parenting websites by contributing articles.
Whilst this all sounds like a lot to juggle, they are all interconnected in some way. I have clear goals for what I want to achieve in each business throughout this year and know when to prioritise which.

How much do you make?

I earn an average of $10k per month and this is my second year of self-employment.

How and why did you get into it?

My blog had been a hobby blog for a few years, with a small income. In late 2015 I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer and had to leave work to commence a gruelling eight month treatment plan. There were days when I could barely get out of bed but on the days I could, I sat at my desk, in the corner of my lounge, and worked. I shared my journey with cancer, built an audience of Australian mums and networked with brands to build up a client base. I work with brands on advertising, sponsored campaigns and as a brand ambassador.
I made it my mission to survive cancer and to start earning money enough that I would not have to return to working for someone else. With a lot of luck and hard work, both are working out so far!
Self-Start Mums has been bubbling under the surface for some time. With more than a decade in HR and recruitment, I’m fascinated by why and how others start their own business. I’m particularly focused on entrepreneurs who, like me, are mums. I wanted to find out how they did it and learn from them and quickly realised that this knowledge is gold – and would have a welcoming audience of other mums in business. So far, SSM has been really well received and I’ve connected with some truly inspirational women in business who have generously shared their story and their advice for other mums starting out.

What did you need to start? (As in equipment, website, start-up costs etc.)

A laptop, an iPhone (for social media and images), a reliable internet connection and from the early days, I moved my website to a self-hosted WordPress site. Costs were very low in the beginning but since then I have invested in a number of automated online services that make my working life easier and more organised. There comes a point when you have to start investing more to see a bigger return. I am only one person – I can only do so much and I only want to do so much. I will also be hiring a VA this year.

What are the best ways you have marketed and promoted your side hustle?

I’m fairly active on social media and I’ve found Facebook and Instagram both great platforms to spread the word about my businesses. My new Facebook group for Self-Start Mums is a growing community that I love to spend time in. I’ve also experimented a lot with Facebook advertising and I’m working with a fantastic social media agency right now.
I love to write for other websites with a similar audience to mine – including The Thrifty Issue! Guest posting on relevant websites is a great way to connect with a new audience similar to your own.

What are the pros of what you do?

There are so many – I have so much flexibility in how I work and when I work. I get to spend so much time with my family too which is priceless. I’m in a comfortable position where I earn enough to pay our bills and we have a little extra for the fun stuff. I know that if I worked more, I would earn more but for now I choose not to. I am grateful that, by working for myself, I have ultimate control.

What are the cons of what you do?

Working at home has so many plusses but it can also be a challenge too. There are distractions at home that don’t come with working in an office and it can also be a little isolating at times too. I’ve found having regular calls and Skype chats with peers has helped a lot with this and it’s great to have people to bounce ideas from. What I probably need is a business partner!

What do you wish you had done differently?

There are a few things I wish I had done sooner in my blogging business – for example, I’ve only recently started to build an email list. I wish I had captured email addresses of my readers earlier on. I started this year with the mission to keep my life and my businesses “simple”. I wish I had done this sooner too. Now I say No to anything that doesn’t either delight me or my family or serve a real purpose for me. I try not to over-complicate or over-analyse decisions and now have very clear criteria on what I say Yes to.

What tips would you give others?

A phrase I first heard at ProBlogger a couple of years ago really resonated with me: “done is better than perfect”. As a perfectionist and serial over-analyser, I was often paralysed when making decisions in my business. In the past I’ve wasted time going back and forth, trying to perfect everything, losing confidence in decisions and sometimes just never letting an idea fly because I’m convinced it isn’t perfect. I’ve learned to just give everything a go, don’t worry about perfection, just get the job done and see how it goes. It’s liberating!

About Mim

Mim Jenkinson is a mother of two small children and founder of Love from Mim, Self-Start Mums and Plan with Mim.

Her belief is that all mums can find time in their busy day for the things they love to do.

Mim helps mums do this by teaching them very easy-to-implement and practical ways to become more organised, prioritise what’s important to them and stop wasting time what is not.

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