How to make the most money with online surveys

What are the tips and tricks to make more money with less time doing online surveys?

Online surveys have a reputation for being pretty low paying, but what if there were some tips and tricks you could use to make more? We tested loads of Australian online survey sites to find the ones which pay better, actually pay out and aren’t total scams. Plus we’ve found ways to make more money from them! Some of the links below are affiliate links. Read the full disclosure here.

Quick tips

If you are going to do online surveys please get a separate email address. You are going to get a bunch of emails when surveys are available plus some sites totally spam you or sell your email address. All the ones we share we have not had that issue with, but since it can happen, get a separate email to keep safe.

Fill in your details properly to ensure you get the right surveys. This part can take a while with some of the sites, but it means you get sent surveys relevant to you.

Also, make sure you download the apps for any of the sites which offer it. This way you can do surveys when you are stuck waiting somewhere too. Here are our favourites and all are free to join!


We’ve been using Swagbucks for years because there are so many ways to make money with them! You choose how you get paid too by selecting PayPal cash (which is in USD), gift cards or other things from the rewards store. With Swagbucks, you are paid in points known as Swagbucks which you then convert to something you choose in the store.

How to get more points

You get $10 simply by signing up here. With Swagbucks you can get points by doing daily polls, the online surveys, playing games, using it to search instead of Google and with daily codes. Plus, you can refer friends and get points that way.

Use Swagbucks when you shop online too. Install it in your Chrome toolbar then it will pop up and tell you how much cash you can get back from any site you are on. Activate it and earn more!

Join the Facebook group here to get extra notifications about daily codes and tips to score more points! We have no affiliation with this group but have found them to be great.

Octopus Group

For the highest payment for surveys, Octopus Group is the best. You can join here. Relatively new compared to the others, we have found their customer service to be fantastic. Payment is made promptly and the surveys are fairly regular. The two ways to make money with Octopus Group is by doing surveys and referring friends. When you refer someone you get $1 plus you get $1 for each survey they do up to $20 total. However, if they quit before doing a survey, the $1 is taken back.

To give you an idea of how much the surveys pay, here are some recent ones:


Another site paying in USD, Vindale isn’t the highest paying but it does have regular surveys and the conversion from AUD to USD is great. They also have loads of opportunities to get extra cash plus competitions to win more. Click on the bonus tab after you sign up here to see them all.

Following them on Facebook and Twitter will give you more opportunities and are the best ways to see the bonuses without checking the site daily. Vindale also has a referral program where you can make $5.

Prize Rebel

We’ve only recently started using Prize Rebel but we love it. You can make money from the surveys, but they also have daily polls, videos, offers and tasks you can do to earn extra points. Plus they also have a refer a friend program where you can get 20%. Join free here.

Other Tips

When you join a site, take the time to thoroughly check it out to see what they offer. The above sites have been the best for us, but you can find more sites here.

Follow the sites on social media such as their Facebook pages or look for Facebook groups. This is where you’ll find others sharing tips, unique codes for bonus points and other advice to help you make more money from them all.

What tips do you have for earning more with online surveys?

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