How to make or save an extra $100 a day challenge

Could you do with an extra $100 a day or an extra $3,000 in a month? I am on a mission to smash some debt and go on a holiday, so I am looking at everything I can do to make and save money. For the next month I will be doing something every day to try and make or save an extra $100. Some of these things I used to do and can be repeated, others are one off options. Have you ever thought about how low you can go or looked at ways you can live for free?

Find an extra $100 per day (2)

My parents and grandparents were pretty frugal and I have lived quite frugally myself when needed, but lately I have felt like my finances are out of control. This month and the following 2 months will be total no spend months which means unless it is completely essential, I am not spending any money. Each day I will be focussing on an area of my budget, posting an article outlining how it went, then posting the link to the article here.

Day 1: Menu plan for the month! – We eat fairly simply and have some of the recipes we use on the site here.  There is also a great thrifty cookbook called 26 Ingredients which can help you menu plan and save money for only $4.95
Day 2: Check banking – Stop wasting money on fees, interest, unnecessary accounts etc.
Day 3: Beauty – the average Australian woman spends $3,500 a year on beauty! This is crazy and there are so many ways you can save money by doing things yourself, using coupons, gift cards and more.
Day 4: Sell something – I might be selling things I own, or looking into selling on Etsy, having a garage sale or something. Either way, I need to sell! And this one will probably take a few days. I will add the total at the end, but will list asap. How to sell stuff or your space!
Day 5: Compare insurance – car, house and health are the three insurances we have here that I will be comparing and hopefully saving money on. How I saved over $1,000 with insurance.
Day 6: Mystery shopping – you can sign up to sites for mystery shopping or sometimes they come up on Airtasker.
Day 7: Gift certificates – see if you have any lying around to either use or sell. I have over $300 worth for various things including entertainment, food and beauty! Crazy. Also, VIP cards and points, cash in the rewards.
Day 8: Entertainment – Check out free entertainment in your area.
Day 9: Market research – Places like Soup and Farron Research have market research opportunities that often pay $100 a go.
Day 10: Source a freelance gig – freelancer, upnote, problogger jobs board, 99 designs and Airtasker are all places you can source gigs.
Day 11: Airtasker – sign up and check out what gigs there are you might be able to do. At times the competition can be fierce, but there are plenty of things such as cleaning and moving furniture that don’t get many bids.
Day 12: AirBnB – list any spare room you have in your place, or if you are scheduling a trip away, list your house. First time I listed I got a booking within 24 hours and made over $200! Sign up here for a bonus and read about how to make money with AirBnB.
Day 13: Transport – can you scale back? Sell the car, use public transport, sign up for Uber?
Day 14: Clothing – Not everything has to be new! Barter, do clothing swaps, buy secondhand, mystery shop… Lots of options.
Day 15: Repairs – instead of paying someone to do repairs around the home, or to clothing and other items, get in and spend some time DIYing.
Day 16: Etsy – what can you make to sell on Etsy?
Day 17: Gas, electricity and water – all can usually be negotiated or ask for a discount.
Day 18: Internet and phone – check your providers and do you really need a landline?
Day 19: Accommodation – Have you looked at downsizing or considered all your options for making money from the home?
Day 20: Free garden – get clippings, offcuts from vegetables, free seeds etc to create a free edible garden which will make and save money in the long run.
Day 21: Flip furniture – source some free or cheap furniture you can scrub up then sell.
Day 22: Sewing – do mending for others or sew some presents and things to give to others at Christmas.
Day 23: Barter – what skills or items do you have that you can barter with someone else?
Day 24: Kids making money – there are plenty of ways kids can make money to buy the things they want instead of constantly hitting you up for cash.
Day 25: Cash in receipts – Look around for medical receipts and other things you can claim. Also, get your taxes in order now, create an easy to follow system.
Day 26: Tweak websites – I own a few websites and there are some tweaks I can make to
Day 27: Glasses – this is more a money saver, I buy my glasses online instead of in store and we are due for new ones. I save at least $150 this way.
Day 28: Coupons – there are many coupons and discount available in Australia.
Day 29: Surveys – online survey and search sites such as Swagbucks can prove beneficial. This post shows you how you can make $1,000 a year with surveys.
Day 30: Holidays – source free holidays to save money later and look at ways to make money on the holidays.
Day 31: Consolidate Superannuation – most of us are paying way too much in fees for multiple superannuation accounts. Consolidate and save!

As you can see, the tasks aren’t only about making money, but about saving money too. The aim is to have reduced my expenses and increased my income by a total of $100 per day, or $3,000 this month.

Are you in? Will you be participating and trying some of these options. It needn’t be in the same order I have listed here or all the same things I am doing.

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