How to make a house a H.O.M.E with Domesblissity – Side Hustle Sunday

How do you get organised, make do and make your house a home?

Today we have Anne Murphy from Domesblissity sharing how she teaches people to create a place to call H.O.M.E. (Homemaking, Organising & Making Do Education) both with online resources and face to face service. Domesblissity has a great monthly subscription box, planner and a newly launched eBook! Side note, I’ve ‘known’ Anne online for years. We used to be members of a site years ago and crossed paths again recently so I am excited to show you what she is doing!

You can check out the Domesblissity site here, joining their Facebook group or follow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

What do you do?

Domesblissity has a monthly subscription box called The Domestic Goddess Subscription Box which supplies products for the home and the ‘domestic goddess’ of the home to make their home life easier. Each month a different area of the home is the theme.

We also have the Domestic Goddess Planner. A planner created with the busy ‘domestic goddess’ of the home in mind. A hard wearing, durable planner custom made from denim and each page of the planner contains everything a busy woman needs to help her keep organised in her busy life.

The Domesblissity Shop sells a range of products for the home and the busy domestic goddess.

On the website you’ll find over 6 years worth of every day, family friendly, easy recipes, craft ideas, frugal living advice and how to live a rich life on very little income by reusing, recycling and making do.

How much do you make?

Since starting in business in January 2017, income has been sporadic but is slowly starting to pick up.

I charge $30 per hour for the in home, face to face home organising business.
Subscription Boxes are $39.95 each per month.
The planner starts at $55 each.
I also get a regular income from Google Adsense Adwords and Gourmet Ads Publishing which can be around $100 per month for each.

How and why did you get into it?

I had started the blog as a way to record everyday recipes and home hints for my children when they would eventually leave home. I started with using as the place to keep my website and I started to get followers and a real interest in what I was doing. In late 2015, I moved the website to WordPress and began self-hosting.

In January 2017, my personal life lead me to start a business but I wasn’t sure what. I am passionate about educating people about how I live such a rich life through being frugal and I wanted to be at home for my children. I turned into an official business and began helping people become more organised in their homes. I created the Domestic Goddess Subscription Box and Planner as affordable options to both try new products that help people in their home lives and to become more organised.

What did you need to start? (As in equipment, website, start-up costs etc.)

I already had everything I needed to start. A blog/website plus all the social media accounts which have been active for 7 years. The self-hosting website is about US$4.00 per month and the initial set up cost of the WordPress site was about $400 which I engaged the services of a website developer.

There were initial set up costs of the business as well like getting business insurance which protected my clients and myself on the job. This is about $25 per month. I had a couple tshirts printed for a total cost of around $60 including the price of the tshirts. There have also been a few start-up costs for the subscription box and planner with packaging etc.

Check out how to start a business in Australia for under $100, including setting up a site here.

What are the best ways you have marketed and promoted your side hustle?

I find that through my email subscriber list and being consistent on sharing posts on social media that are appropriate for my business, eg food I cook, contents of subscription boxes and ways I save has been effective for getting the word out.

It’s important to use hashtags that apply to your business to attract customers who may not have followed you before. I have also been focusing on my Facebook group as a way to create engagement with people to provide real value on what I do.

What are the pros of what you do?

The pros of what I do are that it is actually helping people become more organised in their home lives. I have developed systems and processes that have made my home life relatively easy and I want everyone in the world to know this.

What are the cons of what you do?

The cons are that it frustrates me that more people aren’t living this way. I know people all have their own ideas about home living and will do what they want. Unfortunately, most of them are suffering stress from debt and not being organised. They all seem to think that buying new things will help them. It will only add to the stress they’re already suffering. I just wish more people knew this way of life and that’s my goal. To educate as many people as I can through blog posts and upcoming programs.

What do you wish you had done differently?

I wished I would’ve learnt more ways to market before I started in business. I wasn’t really that interested in getting my name out there in the early days because I was doing it for myself and ‘running my own race’. I’ve seen people, who have started their websites similar to mine go ahead in leaps and bounds because of effective marketing. I still do prefer the close community of followers I have created because I know just about every single one of them personally.

What tips would you give others?

If you’re passionate about something and know that the knowledge you have on the subject will help someone, turn it into a business. Package that information up into online ebooks or ecourses and get it out there. Be prepared to stick with it and don’t get disheartened. If it’s your passion, you’ll find ways to make it work.

Anything else you would like to add?

Being in business for myself has given me opportunities for self-development, growth and learning. Having worked all my life before children, I was seeking something to do besides being a Mum. I didn’t want to work outside the home at all while being a Mum and running a website has given me a way to maintain my administration skills, networking, marketing and other business skills. Running a business about frugal home living has definitely given me the best of both worlds. Sharing my passion with the world while still implementing those skills on a daily basis for the benefit of my family.

About Anne Murphy

Anne Murphy is a married stay at home Mum of 2 children, a teenage daughter and a tween son. Anne was taught from a young age how to cook and keep house and those skills have stayed with her all her life. Even while working, Anne chose to buy secondhand, cook everything from scratch and keep the cost of basic living to a minimum so she could enjoy the finer things in life without being in debt.

With good teachers in her parents and grandparents, Anne learnt to ‘save for a rainy day’, how to appreciate food and how to get the most out of it and how to make do instead of always buying things for the sake of buying them.

When Anne’s marriage broke down in January 2012 and then 3 months later her beloved Mother passed away, those life learned skills couldn’t have been better utilised. Having to raise the 2 children on her own, pay the mortgage and bills while still being at home, taught her how to survive. Some weeks all that was leftover from the budget was $20 which she managed to feed herself and her family quite well.

Anne remarried in September 2015 to a man who has the same frugal values and they continue to live an abundant life while dreaming of living on the beach one day, very soon. Anne is also a dog lover and has 2 elderly dogs and 2 cockatiels. Anne loves to cook, bake, sew, craft and create anything she can out of anything she has lying around, just to save spending money and retain those valuable skills she learnt from her mother and grandmothers.

5 Minute Meal Planner

Anne has also just launched the 5 Minute Meal Planner which takes all the hard work out of conventional meal planning, prepping large quantities of meals AND you save money on groceries. Check it out here.

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