How to make a bottle jet pack

My son wants to be an astronaut, as do many others! Things fly all over our house to any number of new and exciting planets and one day he wanted something he could fly to new and exciting planets and 15 minutes later we had the jet pack. It is mostly his design too which I love.

how to make a bottle jet pack

What you need:
2 empty soft drink bottles
2 Strips of fabric or cord
Spray paint

Tape your bottles together an then tape on the straps. Spray the whole thing silver or whatever colour you like and if your kids are anything like mine they will add their own flames to the bottom.

This was actually made over a year ago and is still going strong. It get thrown around, kicked and shoved everywhere and the only thing that’s fallen off is the flames, which keep getting added and grow bigger each time!

These would be great for a space themed party for every kid to make or take home. What have you made with soft drink bottles?

Written by Rachael

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