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How to Lose Weight and get fit for Free (or Really Cheap)!

11 Tips to Help you Lose Weight, get fit and not Spend a Fortune Doing it!

Since having paralysis issues and other health problems resulting in surgeries in 2015 (then again in 2017), I struggled to get back to the body I wanted.

During the 7 months in 2015, I put on weight, lost muscle tone and saw my body deteriorate while I could do nothing to stop it (or so I told myself).

My on again off-again relationship over the next few years didn’t help either.

I felt pressure to do things his way when it came to health, do what he was doing and fit in with whatever diet or regime he wanted to do. It messed me up.

Then, when I started travelling a lot more, met my now partner and spent a bunch of time in the islands after gaining full custody of my kids, the weight melted off.

In fact, when I fell pregnant last year, I was back to the size I was with my first child, 13 years earlier!

Right now, I am pregnant with my last child (4th), she will be born next month, 13 months after her brother.

I kept fairly healthy this pregnancy, although I will probably have 30kg to lose again after she is born due to the pregnancies being so close.

Having done it before, I know I can again. Below are some of my tips to do it on a budget.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links for products and services I use.

Before We Start

Here are a few things I want you to consider or do before we get to the nitty-gritty tips.

Track Your Progress

Get a notebook or use an app and write down your measurements plus how well you do at each exercise and food intake.

I have a 365-day journal and each day list out the exercise I do, what I eat and drink, how I sleep and my energy levels so I can track it over time.

Doing this I can see when I have more energy, what contributes to it and replicate it.

Over time I increase my exercise and can see how much I have improved e.g going from 10 pushups to 20, planking for 30 seconds then improving to 60 seconds and so on.

Being able to see your progress this way helps significantly when you are having down days.

Health and fitness are not all about the scales!

Lose The Scales

One of the biggest changes I made was getting rid of scales.

Weighing yourself is not the best measurement of your health or how you are going with your size.

Instead, get a Dexascan if you want which will show you your fat percentage vs muscle percentage on your body.

If you don’t want that, you can also measure your body with a tape measure and write it all down.

Seeing the size of your hips, tummy, arms, legs, chest, neck and body, in general, can be confronting.

How cool will it be to compare later though?

Weigh yourself if you want, then get someone to hide them and only weigh yourself at the same time each month (to sync with your cycle) because so many things can make your weight fluctuate.

Hormones, water retention, what you ate the day before, lack of sleep etc all impact the number you’ll see on the scales.

It’s not a reliable measurement though it is the measurement most people go by.

This post is going to cover tips including your mind, what to get and where to get it, exercises and things I have personally changed.

Some of the regular excuses such as “I don’t have time” or “I don’t have the energy” are covered too!

Remember, whatever you choose to do, have fun with it!

1. Change Your Mindset

Unf*ck Yourself: Get Out Of Your Head And Into Your Life” by Gary John Bishop was eye-opening (in case you couldn’t tell from the title, it contains swearing!)

From the beginning of that book, my mantra changed.

Constantly telling myself “I am willing” saw me work out more and commit to it fully every day.

“I am willing” is the first of the 7 assertions in his book and it is the one that created a huge shift for me.

What is really stopping you from working out and having the health you want? You are.

Change your mindset and focus, if you really want something you will make it happen.

Since doing this, I have a clear vision of myself as my ideal size and strength. I’m up at 6 am or earlier everyday and work out before anything else.

Making it a habit while mentally being in a state of focus and being willing made it easy.

Also, learning about the paleo diet, keto, autoimmune diet and gut health all helped in my awareness of food and health.

I do not follow any of them strictly but they were great to learn about.

2. Have A Goal

“I want to lose weight” is not a goal. Be specific, make the goal measurable, attainable, realistic and set a time frame. For example, I have a couple of goals.

My overall aim is to be a fit, toned size 10, capable of running 10km. To achieve that, I set a series of small goals to work on. E.g

I will do 100 kettlebell swings in one workout by the end of this week.

This was done one week between pregnancies as I built up my kettlebell swings again.

You don’t need to do 100, but this goal was a smaller one, easy to measure, specific and had a time limit. It contributes to the overall goal.

Another is I will do 30 minutes of yoga 3 times a week for the next 3 months.

Write down a specific goal, then break it into steps.

If you want to lose 10 kilos or drop a dress size, how will you do it? What steps can you celebrate along the way? E.g. losing 5kg/having sugar 10 free days this fortnight etc.

3. Get Some Gear

While exercising can be mostly free, I do recommend a few things to help take your workout to the next level and protect your body.

The last thing you need is to workout then injure yourself and be out of action. Here are the main things I have.

A Good Sports Bra And Activewear

Protect your boobs I can’t stress this enough. Do not exercise without proper support unless you want saggy boobs.

My favourite sportswear comes from Ryderwear. Don’t let the pictures of bodybuilders put you off, their gear is fantastic.

A Yoga Mat

Have a yoga mat or something to workout on. Don’t put your body through the stress of working out on a hard floor.

You can use towels layered up but yoga mats can be as cheap as $10, so it’s worth it.

A Kettlebell

You can use it for so many exercises but kettlebell swings alone are one of the best workouts you can do.

Ensure you have the correct form when you do them though and that you have warmed up a little.

Don’t launch straight into them. I got my 8kg kettlebell swing from Rebel Sport.

Support Your Feet

At home, I am barefoot when doing yoga and most other workouts.

When I exercise elsewhere I wear good sneakers so my feet and body are supported.

Socks matter as well. I used to use cheap socks from Kmart, which are fine.

Travel socks or merino wool socks are my preference now.

They are designed to handle the sweat you’ll create working out and my feet are much better (plus smell less) wearing these.

4. Do the Right Workout for Your Body

Exercise is not a one size fits all situation. Men and women have extremely different bodies.

Did you know your cycle plays a huge part in how you workout, how effective it is and what you achieve? Not to mention the weight, cravings and issues like that we already know.

Check out this video, it’s long but absolutely worth it. He also covers PCOS a bit at the end which I have.

When I was in my previous relationship, as I mentioned, I kept trying to do what he was doing.

It wasn’t right for me, I struggled and floundered. Now my workout consists of what I enjoy.

Sometimes it’s a walk on the beach, other times it’s 20 minutes to 1 hour of yoga in the morning followed by kettlebell swings and a series of exercises.

My strength has increased drastically with this, I enjoy doing it and my body has changed.

5. Be Mindful of What You Eat

It sounds simple yet so many of us struggle with this.

What we eat dictates 70% or more of our weight loss (or gain)! Are you making the right food choices?

Take some time to learn about nutrition or watch documentaries on sugar. That alone will surprise you.

My lifestyle is such that we don’t eat wheat (I am celiac), dairy is limited and I rarely have it at all, fresh produce forms the bulk of what we eat and lean protein.

Before you put anything in your mouth, ask yourself why am I eating?

Often we eat out of boredom or habit, so are you actually hungry or do you just want it because it’s there?

I often eat because it’s there and I am bored, so I no longer buy junk food.

We have a treat night on Friday night, that’s it.

The rest of the week there is no ice cream, chocolates or any junk food in our house.

My children behave better, their moods are calmer, we can focus and overall, life is easier the way we eat.

Over time, I noticed my tastes changed. Previously a chocoholic, now I find it too sweet and the other week when I had our treat night, I couldn’t think of anything I craved or wanted.

So I ate vegetables and eggs! Boring, but I was fine with it.

Look for ways to swap out your regular food, wean yourself off your addictions and change your routine.

I realised I liked something sweet in the evenings and usually reached for ice cream.

Switching to herbal tea has satisfied that small ‘need’ without adding loads of sugar and calories to my body right before I go to sleep.

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6. Water

Start your day with water. Drink at least 2 litres a day (aim for more, especially if you exercise) and you will notice the difference. Boost it with other nutrients if you want.

Lemon water kicks your metabolism into gear making everything else you do more effective.

Drinking enough water each day not only helps you feel fuller (often we think we are hungry when we are actually starting to get dehydrated), but it has other benefits.

Being hydrated helps you think clearer, have more energy, clears your skin and helps fight ageing. It is way cheaper than anti-ageing creams too! Take a bottle with you everywhere you go.

Fill up on water when you go to cafes and have water before meals.

7. Use Free Workout Options

This requires you to be committed but can save thousands. Each morning I do Yoga With Adrienne in front of the mirror.

With the mirror, I can check my form and her workouts explain everything.

She has loads of videos for beginners going over form, basic moves and the necessary foundations for yoga. You can find her channel here.

Run around the park or make a commitment to walk further. Last year I sold my car so we walk almost everywhere and feel much better for it.

Use apps like Strava or My Fitness Pal to track it all and compete with others if you want.

Look for fitness equipment you can use. Many ovals and parks now have fitness equipment with guides on how to use them.

They’re free and it can be a great way to break up your usual routine.

Check out MeetUp and similar places for free exercise options near you, classes on yoga, tai chi, dance lessons and more.

You’ll work out in a group and get to know other people.

Every morning near me there is a 1-hour workout session similar to what I saw when in Vietnam.

A whole square of people meeting to do a specific workout to music and anyone is welcome.

8. Implement Incidental Exercise

Use the stairs instead of the lift, do 10 squats before you jump in the shower, try a wall sit as you wait for the kettle to boil.

Incorporate small things like this into your day and any time you have to wait for something to increase your level of activity.

While it’s not the same as a full-on 1-hour workout, if you do a few of them throughout the day when you previously weren’t working out at all, it all adds up.

Pushups, planks, situps, crunches, squats, wall sits and similar exercises are easy to do in my kitchen or bathroom and don’t take long.

I do this on top of my morning workout.

9. Workout First Thing in the Morning

Getting up at 6 am was a battle for me. Staying up late, having issues with insomnia then sleeping as long as possible in the morning was my pattern.

Once I committed and decided “I am willing”, everything changed.

My alarm was set for 6 am and when it went off, despite wanting to hit snooze, I repeated the mantra and got up.

Starting with yoga, then once I had finished a session I felt energised and tackled a harder workout.

It has made such a difference in my energy levels and mood, my kids can tell when I have done it and when I haven’t.

Doing it first thing sets the tone for the day.

By being conscious of my health from the moment I wake up, I am showing myself what is important.

Doing it first thing helps reduce cravings and the desire to sneak a snack in.

Leaving it until the end of the day almost guarantees I’ll put it off because I’ll be tired or simply not feel like it.

Get up and do it straight away.

10. Get Involved with the Kids Activities

Ice skating parties are the party every kid seems to have at our school.

So far, I am the only mum who has gotten on the ice when we’ve gone.

The party hosts (both the mum and the worker at the ice rink) are grateful I am willing to do it but it is also an incredible workout for me.

If you want to know where every muscle in your leg and butt is, go ice skating!

We typically stay longer and have skated for up to 3.5 hours at a time!

The same thing with a trampoline party, I was the only parent to get out there.

A few years ago, my kids started playing Auskick and I got involved as a parent.

One year, I was been trained as a coach and assisted the older girls group each week on all the drills.

Get involved with your kids’ sports and activities.

They will absolutely love it, your relationship will be stronger plus you get a workout.

You may even learn new skills plus make new friends.

11. Be Accountable

I work better on my own, but others find having someone to workout with helps a lot.

My sisters and I have a Facebook group (private for us only) where we discuss our health goals and progress.

The accountability helps and is free!

Personal trainers are another option, but they aren’t cheap.

They hold you accountable, create a program for you and if you’re committed can help you a lot.

Personally, I don’t use one but have previously.

I do my workouts at home mostly, occasionally go for long walks with a friend and have accountability with my sisters.

Choose a way for you to be accountable and stick to it.

Check-in with a friend, join a Facebook group or similar to help you achieve your health goals.

Stop With The Excuses

“Excuses are the lies we tell ourselves so it doesn’t have to be our fault!”

I’m not sure who said this but it’s true.

We don’t want to take the blame or accept we are making choices every day and more often than not it is easier to not workout and easier to eat junk, or so we think.

The long-term ramifications of neglecting our health are significant and no amount of money can get your health back once it’s gone.

Here are the most common ones I have heard and some solutions.

“I don’t have any time!

Review how you spend your time. There are 18 time-saving tips for busy mums here.

When I was a single mum of two kids, one with autism I was also running a business, travelling when needed, studying, coaching football, working out a minimum of 1 hour a day and still cooking dinner etc.

You might not get to work out every day but you possibly have more time than you think. How you manage your time probably needs adjusting.

How much time do you spend watching TV?

Scrolling social media or doing things you don’t need to do? 

Eliminating TV from my daily routine freed up so much time!

Are you doing all the housework? Outsource it or get your kids involved.

We have a chart on the pantry door with my kids chores each day. By 9 years old they were capable of doing everything in the home.

I don’t make them do everything, they have set chores, but when required either one can pick up and do what is needed.

Doing it all yourself isn’t good for you or them. Teach them how to do more and get them to do it.

“I don’t have any energy!”

Firstly, I and everyone else I have spoken with or read about agree they have more energy when they work out, especially if they do it first thing in the morning.

Start small and build up to more if you need but do something.

Lacking sleep, having issues like insomnia, having too much on your plate and being stressed out all impact your energy levels.

Insomnia was a problem for me since I was 14. I tried pills, psychology, everything. My sleep was messed up.

Before having my son last year, I switched to sleeping with earplugs in, an eye mask and I was conscious of the temperature in my room.

Plus getting a good bed and mattress and making sure I am in bed by 10 pm.

It took a little getting used to, but it works.

A cup of herbal tea (non-stimulating) around 9 pm helps me wind down too.

I’ve trained my son to sleep around this time now and he usually doesn’t get up until 8 am.

Writing in my journal, planning the next day and having things sorted so I can relax when I get in bed reduces the mind racing with a million thoughts when I am trying to switch off too.

Keep a sleep diary for a week. Write down when you go to sleep, when you wake up, how often you woke in the night and for how long.

Record your exercising for the day, if you had caffeine or not etc.

All these things can impact your sleep. Get a free sleep diary chart online and print it off to use it.

Next, take note of your energy levels. What increases it and what decreases it?

I get energised hanging out with other people, but certain people drain me.

Knowing I am doing my personal best with something, achieving a goal, playing with my kids, travelling, avoiding caffeine and things like this all help with my energy levels.

Be aware of what gives you more energy and change your life accordingly.

“I have no money!”

You can use free YouTube videos, walk around your block, do yoga at home and use your own body for resistance training.

As you do more and have more energy, you can put that energy towards making more money if you want and there you’ll have it – cash for fitness.

Personally, I think including health in your budget is important.

Health insurance, ensuring your groceries are packed full of nutrition (you can find ways to get free and super cheap groceries here if needed), doing sports etc.

Work it into your budget now or pay the price later.

Also, look at all the ways you can make extra money if you need such as 18 ways to make money or 43 ways single mums can make money.

How do you get fit and healthy on a budget?

Resources From Article:

Book: Unf*ck Yourself
Activewear: Ryderwear
Equipment: Catch
Yoga with Adrienne

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