How to have quality family time – Fuelbox review and giveaway

How can you fit in quality family time that is fun?

Every Friday we have “Friday Family Fun Night” which my daughters look forward to all week. It is a night dedicated to spending time as a family, playing games, going out and doing something, watching a movie and having treats. An important tradition in our family, but it also helps grow our relationships and togetherness as a family.

The emphasis here is on having quality time together. My phone is off, their iPads are off and we are talking, laughing, playing, spending quality time together. Along with having dinner together during the week, walking my kids to and from school plus allowing them to request private conversations when they need to, Friday Family Fun Night is a way we have quality time.

How can you make time?

We live hectic lives and many of us feel completely exhausted. Adding another thing to the ‘to do list’ feels impossible. What if I told you, having this quality time frees up more time later? I’ve found, when my daughters have quality time with me they plan for longer periods of time on their own and are more self-sufficient. Instead of asking my questions every few minutes, the quality time we have together means they feel loved and they don’t crave that constant reassurance from me.

Have you heard of the bucket analogy? We all have one, good things feel it up, negative things empty it. Kids are taught this in preschool. When your child has a full bucket, they are confident, happy and content to do their own thing. It’s the same for adults. And this is one of the reasons it is so important to connect and have good relationships.

How can you have quality time?

Choose something whether it be a night of the week or maybe a meal each day such as breakfast or dinner where you are all together as a family. You sit, eat, talk and share your life. I mentioned a few of the ways we do it above, but recently I was also given a Family FuelBox to try and my kids loved it.

They requested not to be in any photos or videos this time, which I have respected. So none of the pictures are of us, however, they loved it so much they’ve asked to do it at dinner time every night plus we are taking it on our next roadtrip.

What is FuelBox?

FuelBox is a lovely box with questions inside. Basically, there are different topics and you can pick a card then it starts a conversation. Some of the things my kids said were hilarious! They’ve viewed it as similar to truth or dare, without the dare. So, anything that was asked had to be answered honestly and sometimes elaborately. My youngest literally fell off the lounge she laughed so hard at one point.

The conversations ranged from hilarious to super serious and everything in between. Since my kids are forever asking me to tell them stories about when I was younger, FuelBox provided some great prompts for me. Usually, my kids put me on the spot and it’s hard to pluck a story out of thin air. With a little question from FuelBox I was able to think of a few, much to their delight.

Who can use it?

We had the family box, but there are other options including a couples box (a great option for date night) and boxes for the workplaces such as FuelBox Innovation, FuelBox Leadership and FuelBox Team. Anyone can use it, learn from it, strengthen relationships and connections with it.

How can you win a FuelBox?

Enter the widget below and check out the full terms and conditions here if you want.
FuelBox Giveaway

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