How to get life experiences without breaking the bank

Last year, as part of a social media campaign we were supposed to have a hot air balloon ride, but the weather meant we couldn’t. Since then I have promised my daughters we would. As you know, hot air balloon rides are not cheap. I am a big believer in saving money in some areas to be able to live your life your way and experience what you want.

How to get life experiences without breaking the bank! #ShareAnExperience, #ShareAdrenalin,

This weekend we get to go in a hot air ballon ride thanks to Adrenalin and I am so excited. I am all about living life, finding ways to save money to enable you to do the things you want so as things like this come up, I’ll share them. This deal is only for the month of November, but I have noticed there is a sale section on the Adrenalin website so make sure you check it out when looking for an experience.

This month I have been on a mission to make or save an extra $100 a day. This opportunity was a massive surprise to me. Not only do we get to do a hot air balloon ride, but we are also going in a helicopter, horse riding and swimming with dolphins. My kids are besides themselves with excitement.

So how can you get amazing life experiences without breaking the bank?

1.) Have a life experience or ‘bucket list’
If you don’t know what it is you want to do, how can you search for bargains, know if you want to enter competitions or be involved in things like Adrenalin’s share an experience campaign? It doesn’t need to be a huge list of things, but I have had a list since I was 12 with at least 50 things. Hot air ballooning has been on it since then! Crazy.

By knowing what you want and if others know what you want, you are more likely to see or be offered opportunities.

2.) Enter competitions
Competitions aren’t easy to win, but you can’t win if you don’t enter! One year I decided to see how many things I could get for free, how many competitions I could win and I was averaging over $1,000 worth of prizes each month. I found the best ones were those that had 25 words or less where you had to get creative.

I didn’t spend extra on anything to go in competitions, but I did do research before buying things to see if what I was already getting or doing had any bonuses attached such as a competition or giveaway.

3.) Look out for discounts
Adrenalin, like many other experience websites has a sale section. Check it out regularly to see what opportunities and savings there are. Any time you are looking to book in something from your bucket list, do a quick search to see what discounts are available online.

4.) Budget it in!

I save in some areas of my life so I can do fun stuff I love in other areas. You can have it all, you can’t have it all at once though! Select what you are willing to sacrifice now for what you truly want.

5.) Reward programs, VIP clubs and birthday bonuses
Virtually everywhere we spend money now has a reward program attached. Do your research to find the best options for you, collect points to use on things you want but only if spending that way is frugal. There is no point spending more chasing points. You are usually better off saving the money but when points can be acquired with your usual habits, it is worth it.

What experiences are on your list? Or what is one you have marked off your list?

Obviously, as mentioned, my family and I are being provided this amazing experience thanks to Adrenalin. We are extremely excited and can’t wait to share the experience with you. Also, if I include the value of this weekend in my challenge, my total is now $7944.74

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