How to afford date night #Sponsored

How can you afford a night out or a date without breaking the budget?

Often ‘dates at home’ are suggested as the budget-friendly way to date your significant other without spending an arm and a leg. But what if you could go out on the cheap, have a great night, see a show and not have to spend $500 to do it?

To me, dating in relationships is important. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together, you need time for yourselves. When you’re paying off debt, saving for a house or even just strapped for cash, the entertainment budget shrinks and things like dates or nights out get scrapped, right?

It doesn’t need to! Here are my tips for a fun date night for next to nothing including tickets, childcare, food and clothing.

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1. Get massive discounts

Could you go out more if all you had to pay was the booking fee (usually under $10) or if you could get 50% to 100% off the ticket price of an event? If you got tickets to comedy festivals, movie screenings and other events for next to nothing, how much easier would it be for you and your significant other (or even new partner) to date?

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2. Free childcare

Instead of paying $20+ an hour for a babysitter, look at other options. Childcare swaps with friends and family where you look after each other’s children have been a lifesaver for me over the years. When I moved to Melbourne I struggled because I was away from my family and regular support network. Now, I have amazing neighbours who help with my kids, one of my sisters lives 45 minutes away and has my kids for sleepovers and other parents at school do childcare swaps too. Ask around and look at your options.

3. Go cheap with the food

Eat before you go out or have a few drinks at home first because it is much cheaper. Then choose to have one thing where you are going if you really want to. Alternatively, grab a cheap ice cream for dessert or hit up a bakery or similar close to closing and they are often discounted. If you’re right in the middle of the city, which many shows are, after the show lots of places will still be open including little carts with crepes or candied nuts which are cheap and you can sit and enjoy the view while snacking on something together.

You don’t have to have a full meal in a restaurant. Although, if you do want to there are many places you can get discounts for them, too.

4. What to wear?

Many people I speak with want something new to wear on a nice date or feel they have nothing in their closet they want to wear. Before you go spring $300 on a new dress, shoes etc. See if you can borrow or swap clothes with someone else.

When I was 18 and living with my best friend we wore each other’s clothes all the time, so much so that people assumed we were sisters.

Have a look for clothing swaps in your area, ask friends and family or if you really want to buy something for yourself, check out op shops. I’ve found if you live in wealthier areas or travel to them, those op shops have the best stuff but they are sometimes priced a little higher.

What tips do you have to afford date night? What things do you enjoy doing?

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