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How I Paid off Debt and Lost Weight (2021 Goals Update)

How I Paid off Debt and Lost Weight (2021 Goals Update)

How to Clear Debt, Lose Weight and Make More Money

January has been amazing for numerous reasons. When I set my goals, I really didn’t know how I would go. Firstly, I was due to give birth in January and with a problematic pregnancy we were nervous about the birth.

However, despite health issues, we managed to pay off some debt, I gave birth to a healthy boy, dropped more weight than I anticipated and read 6 books. This means, I am ahead of my goals for 2021 already.

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How I Paid Some of my Debt

At the end of 2020, I changed my automatic debt payments to be double what I had been paying. It feels so much more productive to be paying off more and I have not missed the money at all. I can’t wait until this debt is gone and that money starts going to savings.

My current debt is $8,750 still leftover from custody. Fortunately, it is to my parents and they have been great about me sorting out other things first. Because of other things (such as setting up a home after being repatriated) were expensive, I have not paid off the debt as quickly as I anticipated.

Last month, the only thing extra I did was to pay double. This month, I am listing things for sale and aiming to pay extra.

How I Lost Weight

Obviously, having a baby makes a huge difference. My goal for 2021 was to get to size 8 to 10. Most of the clothes I am wearing now, 3 weeks postpartum are a size 10. Being within the 6 weeks of giving birth I am not exercising, instead I walk when I can, rest when I can etc.

Kegels, breathing and exercises safe for this stage to improve my muscles are all I am doing. After my second child was born, I was over 100kg and hated my body. This time, I am only 9kg more than I was when I fell pregnant so don’t feel as much pressure to drop my weight quickly.

That said, I am ecstatic so much of my pre-pregnancy wardrobe fits me. Especially since I am 35, so was classed as a geriatric pregnancy.

Once I can exercise, my focus is beating my previous 500m rowing speed, being able to run 10km plus increasing strength and flexiblity with yoga.

Read 6 Books

My aim was 4 so reading 6 was a great bonus. As I was induced at 39 weeks to give birth, I had books available. The first stages of labour and early contractions were easy to read through then as things got a little more intense, I could only read between contractions then obviously stopped. But, I managed to read 2 books because of it.

I have my list of books I have read here and will be updating it all year as I read more. In January I read:

 Lucky Bitch which was on my wish list and my partner bought me. I love the law of attraction, manifesting and having the right mindset so this book is definitely one I’d recommend.

The Art of Letting Go is about overcoming breakups and letting go of those relationships. I quite liked the style and read this for my diploma.

47 Little Love Boosters shares tips to connect and boost your relationships. As it is so easy for everyone to get caught up in the busy lives we lead and neglect our relationship, I thought this would be a great one for clients once I am qualified and it is.

The Little Book of Mumfulness was disappointing. I didn’t like it at all but can see why others would.

You Are Enough is a wonderful book outlining how to stop comparing, giving tools and resources to work through your own comparison issues and increase self confidence.

Love Is Not Enough is the only one I did on Audible and it was an interesting concept to follow different people through their therapy journey.

Goals for February

I am continuing with my money, family, health and community goals from my original goal article here. For February specifically, I have a few others.

The books tie into my goal to read 52 books in 2021.

Finalising refunds is about a few things we signed up for but will not be possible anymore due to some life changes. The insurance is a claim I started to process last year then the complications in pregnancy made me forget it.

Baby paperwork has been a nightmare. We’ve had to jump through hoops, nothing can be processed online, it all has to be printed, verified then posted. I had no idea having a baby to a non-citizen would make things so stressful and complicated.

Lastly, the exercises are about my health and connecting with my baby, Elijah. I’m 35 this time (my daughters were born when I was 22 and 23) which means my body isn’t going to snap back as easily as it did the first time. It’s important I take care of myself.

What are your goals this year and how are you progressing?

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