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How I made $9,784.58 in 3 weeks while travelling

How I made $9,784.58 in 3 weeks while travelling

5 Ways I Made Money Travelling This Month

April was full of travel from Melbourne to Honiara (Solomon Islands) back home then I left the next day for a road trip with my kids. We went from Melbourne to Callala Bay then Sydney, Canberra and home.

Travel is a passion of mine which is why I have looked for ways to make money doing it. My kids and I travel more than most people we know and it has broadened their horizons and view on the world.

This year, I decided was the year of me with more travel and other activities planned. So far, I am on track! In the 3 weeks of travel, I didn’t pay for accommodation at all, petrol was only $236.45 total and food was $387.52 but it included a bunch of treats and a little takeaway food. This is way less than I made.

Having a flexible income is important to me because it means I can have a flexible lifestyle. 

So how did I Make the Money?

Pitching freelance writing specifically about travel, online surveys and referral bonuses my friends used while I travelled are just a few ways.

This time I didn’t rent my place on Airbnb but previously when I have I made $1,300 in 5 days once and $600 another time. I love Airbnb for making money while travelling. Check out this article for tips on how to do it and make the most of it.

I have designed my life to be one where I can easily make money on the road. I’m not including all the ways I make money from The Thrifty Issue or similar in this article because that isn’t achievable for most. A lot of what I write below is though.

Image of man standing on rock at lake surrounded by mountains. Text reads How I made $9,784.58 travelling for 3 weeks.

Disclosure. This article does include affiliate links.

1. Freelance Writing – $2,100

Travel and writing sounds like the dream, right? I get asked all the time how to do this. Firstly, it is a skill. Writing articles people want to read and that websites or magazines will pay for is an art form. I’ve been writing professionally for a few years now and have a good idea of what to pitch where and have developed good contacts/editors to send articles to.

For this trip, I pitched 3 articles which I wrote in 30 minutes each and took on a new writing client as I flew out so wrote 3 articles for them. In fact, one was about Canberra so I figured that paid for my petrol for the road trip involving Canberra. I had no plans to write extensively on this trip and I didn’t.

If you want to get into it, do a course such as this one. Download Grammarly even if you only use the free version. Practice! I can’t stress this enough, reading and writing regularly will greatly improve your writing skills.

Get your own website, create a portfolio and promote yourself. Pitch work to editors, websites, magazines and businesses. I recommend using SiteGround to set up your site. Check out this article with full tips on how to become a freelance writer.

2. Online Surveys $1,055

Gift cards and cash were collected from various sites during my 3 weeks travelling. $250 from Swagbucks (get $10 when you sign up here), Octopus Group is another good one for me. Check out this post with the best online survey sites. I only cash out once a month for most online survey sites.

When it comes to making more money with them, be sure to fill out your profile properly. Check the whole site to find ways to make extra money, not just with the surveys and you will make so much more.

*The above amount is not only me taking surveys. There are some referrals, video watching, bonus points etc. 

3. Cashback, Rewards and Referrals $729.58

Using cashback programs whenever I buy anything ensures I get a good deal and cashback. Loyalty programs offer good perks from points you can cash out through to actual items. In fact, while I was away I scored an air fryer which will be delivered soon.

Now, some of this money happened because I visited quite a few old acquaintances and they asked about things I write about. Since they are older they needed help setting things up and being shown how to use them. They all wanted to do it through my referral codes as we both benefit then.

Check out a list of Aussie loyalty programs here. Also, I have a full list of Aussie freebies here which is worth checking out.

4. Travel Perks – $5,800

Earlier this year, I was accepted to a few industry-specific groups and as a writer for a few more sites. Combine this with the fact I already write and do a bunch of other stuff, getting perks for travel is easier.

Gear, accommodation, food and all sorts of things are offered in return for promotion, articles or photos. You don’t have to be huge, just have something of value to offer. Not all of this is cash, it is usually product, trips or similar.

5. Birthday Perks – $100+

It was my birthday! I spent it at the Coral Sea Resort & Casino in Honiara. Actually, I spent an incredible week there, exploring wrecks, snorkelling, hiking to Tenaru Falls (and swimming there) plus seeing friends.

Before I left, I got loads of birthday coupons and even more during my trip. Check out this post for Aussie birthday freebies. I only used $100 worth of what was on offer. Oh, plus got totally spoiled on my actual birthday by friends.

Other Ways I Could Make Money

As mentioned, I haven’t included all the ways I make money separately, just ways that related to the trip. However, there are so many other ways to make money while travelling I could have done.

Airbnb – $600+

One of my favourites because it doesn’t require much effort and can pay for a whole holiday! Your home will need to be spotless, have basics to make it comfortable and you get more money when the location is good. You can sign up to Airbnb free here and step through the process. I have a full article here with my tips.

Based on where I currently live, I could have rented my place for $80 to $140 a night or $1,680 to $2,940 approx. However, my kids accessed our home a couple of times while I was away then I stayed one night between the Solomons and our road trip. So renting it out wasn’t practical this time.

Rent Out The Car – $240

While I was in the Solomon Islands I could have rented out my car. Instead, I left it in a carpark and we used it for the road trip. How much you make will depend on how you rent it. Car Next Door is the most popular option. Try it first if you want, before listing your car and get $15 off your booking here. My type of car could have rented for $240 for the week I wasn’t using it.

More Options

I have another post with ways to make money while travelling, even as a family. Plus check out how to travel for free or super cheap. It doesn’t have to be expensive. We plan and take regular trips, I did in my childhood too and my parents weren’t wealthy. It’s all about how you do it, when you do it and planning!

Where would you go and how would you make money?

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    Thursday 25th of April 2019

    WOWZA !!!!⚡ when we visit be prepared.....were going to make more money Dee

    The Thrifty Issue

    Friday 26th of April 2019

    Definitely! And we will have so much fun!

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