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The Secret Guide to Household Savings eBook

The Secret Guide to Household Savings eBook

Get discounts on everything, save money on all your bills and learn frugal habits!

This year has been hectic with everything increasing significantly putting more pressure on household budgets.


The Secret Guide to Household Savings

Get discounts on everything, save money on all your bills and learn frugal habits. This new eBook contains everything you need to save money and live a more frugal lifestyle.

With the cost of living skyrocketing this year, interest rates constantly going up and inflation wreaking havoc on the household budget, it might feel impossible to save money or get ahead financially. 

I want to help ease that pressure, make life a bit easier and give you some breathing room regarding your finances. 

Throughout this book I cover ways you can save money on everything including how to get discounts and cashback on any purchases, tips for every area of the budget and a couple of tips to make money on the side. 

Plus all of it can be done without too much effort. 

Most of us are strapped for time, short on cash and our energy is zapped. When reading this book, choose the options which are easiest for you to get an instant boost. 

Don’t try to implement it all at once because it will feel overwhelming but change one thing at a time and stick to it to see real change.

Set aside some time each week to review your budget, see what you have spent, and see what you can save. Use that time to implement some new tips and get more money back in your pocket.

What’s in The Secret Guide to Household Savings?

Every area of the budget is covered so you can be sure to find tips that will save you money if you take action. Here is the contents:

How to get free vouchers, discounts and rebates
How to get a discount on everything
Shop with a list and use delayed gratification
Research before buying
Use cashback and discount apps
Sign up to VIP and loyalty programs
Add items to cart but don’t check out
Ask for a discount
How to reduce the cost of groceries
Shop around and shop the sales
Use rewards programs and split your shop for better offers
Extra points and discounts
Get free food
Change how you eat
Shop with a list
Shop the sales
Never shop hungry
Learn portion control
Stop packaged treats, processed foods and drinks
Meal plan
Babies: Nappies, wipes and food
Reusable sanitary products
Reusable and eco-friendly cleaning
Use up scraps
Make your own
Reduce Toiletries
How to reduce the cost of housing
Look for somewhere cheaper to live
Free accommodation
Refinance your mortgage
Make your home pay for itself
How to reduce the cost of transport
Free transport
Rideshare and carshare
Car Maintenance
Car Insurance
How to reduce your bills
Gas and electricity
Live without aircon
Be energy smart
Turn everything off
Have the correct size air conditioner or heater for your space
Use fans
Only heat or cool one space
Heat or cool the person instead of the space
Hang your clothes
Seal all the gaps around your home
Go out instead of being at home
Stop watching so much TV
Check your rebates
Check for and repair leaks
Reduce your usage
Reuse water
Efficient appliances and usage
Phone and internet
How to reduce entertainment costs
Free and frugal hobby ideas
Make hobbies cheaper
How to reduce the cost of travel
Decide on your budget
Use incognito mode and clear your history
Enter competitions
Travel in the off-peak season
Discount sites and apps
Get Cheaper Flights
Travel longer
Split costs
Travel hack
Use free accommodation
Try different types of travel
How to reduce the cost of celebrations
Budget and plan ahead
Get freebies
Second hand
Celebration crossovers
Before and after the event sales
Frugal habits to develop
Look at it differently
Know what you want
References and Resources

As you can see, so much is covered to help you save even more in your household. Ease the pressure on the cost of living now with a copy of The Secret to Household Savings!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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