How to hide a stain with an iron on decal

How to hide a stain with an iron decal

My kids have an incredibly hard time keeping tops stain free. I’m sure they think they are towels, face washers, tissues and goodness knows what else. Often the only thing wrong with the top is a stain on the front and the rest of it is in great nick. I want to keep the clothes so I found an iron on patch that the kids can colour in to make it a ‘designer’ top.

What you need:
Iron on patch
Fabric pens

How to hide a stain with an iron decal

Iron the top to start with so that when you put the patch on there aren’t any creases and it holds fast.

How to hide a stain with an iron decal

Locate the stain and position the patch to cover as much of it as possible.

Follow the directions for whichever patch you use. Mine needed a dry iron for 20 seconds but I’ve seen others that use steam. Make sure you follow the directions or your patch may not hold.

Turn the top inside out and iron again for good measure. Allow to cool and let the kids colour. Put something inside the top so that the markers don’t go through to the back.

How to hide a stain with an iron decal

You can do this with standard iron on images too, its just a bit more fun for the kids if they can colour their own shirt.

Other alternatives include:
Stitch on a patch: if you don’t have iron on decals, cut our a shape from other fabric, overlock around the edges then sew onto the shirt.
Embroider: growing up my mum got a stain on a white jumper she had. She added a white flower with embroidery cotton. It looked cute, covered the stain and no one knew the difference.

How do you cover stains and give clothes a new life?

Written by our craft writer, Rachael.

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