Grandpa Cupcakes

For some reason each year we manage to forget Grandpas birthday, it’s in my calendar but always sneaks up on us. This year we remembered the night before and as he was coming in the morning the kids and I whipped up a batch of Grandpa Cupcakes to make him feel special.

We tried our best to make them look just like him but I’m not quite sure we succeeded.

To make your own you will need:

We have Grandpa pale pink skin with pink icing. For his hair we used the white MnMs from the Raspberry flavoured packet. You could also use mini marshmallows, sprinkles or coconut. His eyes are upside down choc chips and his nose and mouth are sugar pearls. On this cake he also got choc chip eyebrows.

You could use icing pens, mini MnMs, liquorice, nuts, chopped fruit, the list is endless really.

Can you tell which ones I did and which ones the kids did? Grandpa was quite excited to get himself for his birthday.

You can decorate cupcakes to look like anyone, just use your imagination and lots of lollies. These are also great for Father’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Make grandpa cupcakes

Who would you immortalise in cupcake?

Article by Rachael Puric.

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